How To Remove Lip Gloss From Carpet (Easy Way)

Remove Lip Gloss From Carpet

If you have a carpeted bedroom or dressing room where you do your makeup, there are chances that you’ll get a lip gloss stain on there at least once. Whether you unknowingly drop a tube that ends up staining the carpet, or you have children that like playing dress-up, once the stain settles, it can turn into a big mess.

Lip glosses and lipsticks, like most liquid makeup, have oils and waxes that make them easier to apply. This means that a lip gloss stain on your carpet can cause discoloration and clump the fibers together as well, creating an unpleasant sight.

The stickiness of the lip gloss not only makes it tougher to remove, but it also attracts more dirt and debris, leading to a permanent stain on your carpet. The smartest move to make is to get the stain out as soon as you spot it, so you do not give it enough time to settle.

Lip Gloss with Glass Shine


Easy Way To Remove Lip Gloss From Carpet

Remove Any Access Liquid

White Cloth To Remove Excess Liquid

As soon as you notice the stain, get a clean, dry cloth and dab the area of the spill or stain. This is in order to pick up the excess liquid that has not yet seeped into the carpet. You want to get rid of any possibilities of spreading the lip gloss over more of the carpet in an attempt to clean it.

Use a white cloth or towel so that you can see whether you are picking up any gloss. Use blotting motions rather than scrubbing, because you will only push the gloss further into the fibers of the carpet otherwise.

In the case of lipstick, if you see pieces of it on the carpet, use a vacuum to pick them up. Using a cloth might stain the carpet more.

If the stain has been there for longer and has dried up, you can also use a bowl of a spoon or a blunt butter knife to gradually break up the patch and vacuum the pieces that loosen up. You can even straighten out the fibers of a plush carpet to get any dried-up gloss on the sides of the fibers.

Use your fingers to feel through the affected area and ensure you know exactly how deep the stain has gone, so that you don’t end up only cleaning on the surface when the stain has sunken to the bottom surface of the carpet.


Get a Cleaning Solution

Cleaning Solution

Once you have limited the area you have to target by removing access lip gloss, you can bring in the cleaning solution. Pour the solution on the cloth as opposed to directly on the carpet, or it will absorb into the carpet faster than you can clean.

It is preferred that you use a gentle cleaning solution that does not discolor or weaken the fibers of the carpet. Using a mild soap, shampoo, or dishwashing solution (Dawn) is the best way to go.

You will have to dilute the solution with water, or else it will be challenging to rinse out.

A harsher cleaning solution can also wear out your carpet much quicker than a milder one. If you want your carpet to last, you should practice gentle cleaning techniques and avoid using a brush or a rough rag to clean out stains, as this could damage the fibers and weaken their threads.

Keep blotting the stain with the cloth and cleaning solution until you can no longer see that any gloss is transferring onto the fabric. Again, try not to scrub too aggressively because you might be making the stain harder to remove instead. It can also damage the fibers of your carpet.


Do Another Round of Cleaning

If you had a tinted lip gloss or a darker shade of lipstick that is proving more stubborn, you would have to try a more robust cleaning solution. Try picking through the fibers of your carpet to see if the stain has sunken more in-depth into the fabric.

For a plusher carpet, you can even straighten the fibers with your fingers and try to clean the stain from the sides of the fibers using the cloth. Think of it as if you are shampooing your hair. You have to get to the bottom of the carpet to make sure that you have thoroughly removed all sources of the stain.

Now, grab a lint-free cloth and apply some rubbing alcohol to it. Start blotting the remaining stain with the cloth, but this time, make sure that you get enough rubbing alcohol onto the stain to properly wet the fibers of the carpet.

You can even use your fingers to ensure the alcohol gets to all the affected fibers, including the ones closer to the bottom of the carpet. If you have a lighter colored carpet, it’s essential to keep track of where you are applying the cleaning solution, so that you know which areas you have to rinse out.


Rinse Out the Solution

The next step is to wash out all the cleaning solution and alcohol from the carpet. There should be no residue of the solution because it will dry up and harden the fibers of the carpet. It can also cause discoloration and ruin the natural feel of the fibers.

Get a small bowl of warm water and soak a new, clean cloth in it. Start dabbing at the areas where you applied the cleaning solution and make sure that you work the water into all the fibers. Do not pour water directly onto the carpet, because you risk soaking it all the way to the bottom, which will take very long to dry and can cause your carpet to develop mold or wear down.

Keep dabbing the affected areas and squeezing out the water in a bowl. If you still see soap residue in the water, you will have to change the water out and keep rinsing until the cloth doesn’t show any more signs of the cleaning solution.

While it may seem easier to only rinse the carpet once, you have to remember that all the residue needs to be rinsed out. This might mean that you have to rinse it with water more than once. Until all the solution is out of the fibers, your carpet is at risk of picking up more stains.


Dry the Carpet

Dry the Carpet

You must dry up any remaining moisture before it has a chance to settle into your carpet. If not dried effectively, the fibers of your carpet may become misshapen and ruin the look of the rug. They could also become rough and lead to more stains because they’ll attract dirt and debris.

Any leftover moisture can cause an unpleasant smell or another stain of its own, if not given enough time to dry.

The two most effective ways of drying your carpet are to firstly get a fresh towel and blot the moisture. Keep blotting until you do not feel any more moisture being soaked up by the towel. You might have to apply some pressure to reach the fibers towards the bottom surface of the carpet.

Next, you can slightly vacuum over the wet area to combat any excessive moisture. However, it is preferred if you open the windows and let the carpet air-dry on its own because this gives the fibers ample time to go back to their original shape and texture.

If you have a fully carpeted room, running a vacuum over the affected area will keep you on the safe side. It will prevent any moisture from being trapped under the bottom of the carpet, which will eat away at your carpet over time. However, if you have a smaller rug, check to make sure no moisture has seeped through to the bottom.

You can also leave some paper towels over the area to soak up any moisture that remains.

You mustn’t walk over the affected area until the carpet has had time to dry. Failing to do so could result in a more prominent stain and damage the fibers of the carpet.


Final Words: Lip Gloss Removal From Carpet

If you were looking for ideas on how to remove lip gloss stains from carpet, hopefully, these steps will solve your issue. Remember, you should be vigilant of keeping stain-causing substances near the carpeted areas because even a minor stain can quickly turn into a serious challenge.

If you still happen to stain your carpet, the best course of action is to treat the stain as soon as possible before it gets enough time to settle into the fibers of the carpet. The lighter the stain is, the easier it will be to remove. If you have a darker colored carpet, the stain can even become unnoticeable.

If you are still struggling to entirely eliminate a stubborn lip gloss stain, you should get in touch with a professional carpet cleaner. You can schedule regular appointments every three months, where your carpets will be shampooed and cleaned. You can also call in a carpet cleaner to tackle a tough stain because they have a variety of commercial-grade cleaning solutions as well.

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