Professional Carpet Cleaning vs Hoover Carpet Cleaner

Professional Carpet Cleaning Versus Hoover Carpet Cleaner

I love having a clean carpet. But it was tough for me to identify the best carpet cleaning option. So, I decided to conduct thorough research to find the best choice between professional carpet cleaning and a hoover carpet cleaner. I found out the best option and other interesting information about getting your carpet cleaned with either option.

So which is the best option, Professional carpet cleaning or Hoover carpet cleaner? The professional carpet cleaning service will deep clean your carpet, but you may not get your carpet cleaned quickly. The Hoover carpet cleaner, on the other hand, will deep clean your carpet quickly, but you will need to spend time manipulating the hoover. So the best option will depend on who is using it and their preferences.

Pros of Professional Carpet Cleaning


Extends the life of the carpet

Hiring a cleaning service to clean your carpet gets rid of all debris that will harm your carpet.

Dust, bacteria, and allergens harm your carpets and reduce its lifespan. When dirt accumulates in the carpets for a long time, the fiber splits up causing the carpet to deteriorate.

Dry cleaning deep cleans the dirt, ensuring that you use your carpets for a more extended period.


Saves time

Cleaning your carpet at home involves moving furniture and vacuuming, and other time-consuming activities. You will need to set aside a lot of time if you want to clean your carpet properly.

If you run a commercial service, you may not get the time to clean the carpet at your business location. It will be difficult to hire an in-house carpet cleaner as well.

A cleaning service can be in-charge of your carpet cleaning, and you will have no problems with carpet cleaning.


Improves air quality

Carpets attract a lot of dirt, and they destroy the quality of air in the living space. Regularly vacuuming only cleans the topmost part of the carpet.

The allergens and bacteria trapped within the fiber of the carpet will occasionally pollute the air. The pollution makes the air in the living space unhealthy for the entire family.

Professional carpet cleaners can, however, remove all these specks of dirt to make your air cleaner. They use hot water and other chemicals to kill off the allergens such that they are no longer harmful to the people living in the home.


Remove carpet stains

Spills happen often, and your carpet is a common landing place for those hot coffees, wines, water, milk, pet stains, and other kinds of liquids.

Professional carpet cleaning services use the hot water extraction method to remove all these stains leaving your carpet clean and new.

People who love having pets around know how tough it is to get rid of pet furs in sofas, carpets, and cushions. However, this type of cleaning makes it more accessible.


Reduces traffic lanes effect

When you use your carpet for a long time, you will realize that some places tend to be darker than others. The areas that are usually walked on are darker, while areas under couches look newer.

Professional carpet cleaners know how to get rid of those traffic lane effects so that your carpet will last longer.



Cons of Professional Carpet Cleaning Services

Cleaning your carpet will not be a quick process when you engage the services of a professional carpet cleaning service.

The cleaning process itself is swift. They can finish cleaning your carpet within two hours, but it takes a lot of time to dry. The drying process can last between 2 to 24 hours.

Fortunately, you can still walk on the carpet even when it is not dry but it should be minimal. You can, however, put on your fans to increase the drying rate of the carpet.


Pros of using Hoover Carpet Cleaner

Increases the lifespan of your carpet

Hoover carpet cleaners feature 360 SpinScrub rotating brush that brings out the dirt and other residues from the fibers of the carpets. There is a strong suction that pulls out the dirt ensuring that no dust, allergens, or bacteria is left in the carpet.

The hoover carpet cleaner does all these while being gentle on your carpet. This means that it will leave your carpet as good as new while ensuring that your carpet remains unharmed.


Easy to use

Many people shun away from these carpet cleaners because they assume that it will be difficult to manipulate them. It is easy to fill and empty the tank of the hoover carpet cleaner. The machine features a smart tank system that makes the entire process easy.

Carrying this carpet cleaner to the area that requires cleaning is also a breeze. This cleaner is light in weight, and it usually weighs between 9 pounds and 30 pounds. If you have a problem moving something above 25 pounds, you can opt for the portable ones that weigh less than 10 pounds.

The cleaner also features an automatic detergent mixer that provides the right proportions of detergent for cleaning. This system ensures that your cleaning produces optimal results.

It also comes with everything you will need for the carpet cleaning. It comes with a hose, a carpet cleaning solution sample, and any other thing you will need for your carpet cleaning. You won’t be making more investments for your carpet cleaning.


Pet stain removal

High rating hoover carpet cleaners also feature microbial pet tools that help you to get rid of pet stains. They also come with pet stain removal solutions. Hence, you can efficiently deal with pet furs and other stains with ease.


Cleans quickly

Are you expecting visitors while your carpet is in a big mess? The Hoover carpet cleaner has a quick mode that will help you to clean and dry your carpet in less than 45 minutes. Of course, it could be lesser if you are cleaning a small area.


Improves the air quality

Just like professional carpet cleaning services, Hoover carpets get rid of dust in the air by removing all the dirt in the carpet. This deep cleaning ensures that there are no allergens and dust particles to pollute the air. Kids can play on the carpet without having to breath in unhealthy air.


Cons of the Hoover Carpet Cleaner

Do it yourself

You will be manipulating the carpet cleaner yourself. You need to make time to clean the carpet. Even though you won’t need to put in a lot of effort, you will need to invest some time into carpet cleaning.


The Best Cleaning Option: Professional Carpet Cleaning Versus Hoover Carpet Cleaner

In most cases, the quality of the work done, and the time factor influences people’s choices when it comes to choosing carpet cleaners. They make their choice depending on the one that cleans better and the amount of time they have on their hands.

If you love to embrace technology and love the flexibility of cleaning your carpet at any time of the day, the hoover carpet cleaner may be an excellent option for you.

If you don’t want to bother about cleaning your carpet, let the cleaning service take charge.


How Often Should You Clean Your Carpet?

Carpets are attractive and comfortable but, when they are filled with dirt, no one wants to take a second look at them. That brings us to this question of how often we should clean our carpets.

There are levels of carpet cleaning.

Vacuuming is a shallow carpet cleaning method that should be done regularly. It should be at least once a week. This, however, depends on the members of the household. If your kids often play on your carpet, they will likely stain it. And you will need to vacuum it more than once a week.

If you live in a dusty area, you may also need to vacuum it more than once a week. The larger your household, the more the traffic lanes, and the higher the need to clean more than once.

Deep cleaning using the hoover carpet cleaner or hiring a professional carpet cleaner should not be done too often. In the case of hiring a professional carpet cleaning service, once or twice a year is enough. Using Hoover can be done more than three times a year.

Related Questions

Who should vacuum before professional carpet cleaners clean?

It is your responsibility to vacuum your carpets before professional carpet cleaners deep clean your carpets.

How often should I clean my hoover carpet cleaner?

Generally, you need to clean it at least once a month. However, it can vary depending on how often you use it.

Are Hoover carpet cleaners better than Bissell carpet cleaners?

These two machines are the top rating carpet cleaners on the market.

Their manufacturers have produced several models to suit the needs of their users.

It is quite difficult to determine the best since there are many models. In terms of performance, design, pricing, and ease of use, the two will always rate high.

However, your choice will be dependent on what you prioritize when choosing a carpet cleaner. Some models are more affordable, lighter, or even more attractive.

It all depends on your needs.


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