Is Hoover Carpet Cleaner Safe for Pets?

Is Hoover Carpet Cleaner Safe for Pets

I recently decided to purchase a Hoover carpet cleaner to increase the convenience of cleaning my carpets. But, I was wondering if it was safe for my pets. That is one of the things I consider before making a purchase for my home. So I researched the subject, and I was intrigued by all the information about this carpet cleaner and pets.

So Is Hoover Carpet Cleaner Safe for Pets? Yes, Hoover Carpet Cleaners are safe for pets as they are designed with pet lovers in mind. The design of the machine does not present any danger to dogs, cats, and other pets. The cleaning solutions for use by Hoover carpet cleaners are also not harmful to pets in any way. Hoover has cleaning solutions that are specially formulated for households with pets. They are the Paws and Claws formulas.


Not All Cleaning Ingredients are Safe for Pets

There are lots of cleaning solutions on the market. However, some of them are harmful when they come into contact with your pets. You need to check the ingredients in the cleaning solution to ensure that it is always safe for your pets.

Do not purchase cleaning solutions that have Chlorine in them. Chlorine is denser than air, and it will not settle on the carpets. When your pets play on the carpet, it will irritate their eyes and skin.

Another ingredient to avoid is Ammonia. Ammonia can cause watery eyes and sneezing when your pets come into contact with it.

Most commercial carpet deodorizers also contain ingredients that are sensitive to cats.

Choose a Pet Safe Cleaning Solution for Your Carpet

When purchasing a carpet cleaning solution, check the label. If it suggests that you should the solution away from your pet or keep your pet in a different room when cleaning, do not purchase it.


Hoover Carpet Cleaners Are Not What People Assume Them to Be

Hoover carpet cleaners are definitely more efficient than most people assume them to be. Many people compare them to vacuum cleaners. They think that these cleaners work just a tad bit better than vacuum cleaners, but that is not the case.

They have lots of features that do not only make them safe for a home filled with pets, but also make them an efficient deep cleaning tool for carpets.

Hoover cleaners are designed in a way that no sharp parts stick out to hurt pets if they play beside them. When you clean with this cleaner, there is a rinse mode that gets rid of all the cleaning solution, so the freshly cleaned carpet is safe for your pets who love the carpet.

This carpet cleaner features powered brushes that deep clean your carpets. They scrub dirt from the fibers of the carpets. There is a suction system that removes dirt that is embedded deeply into the carpet from the carpet without harming the carpets.

Hoover carpet cleaners have deep clean and quick clean modes. If you want to clean your carpets for emergency purposes, the quick clean mode is an excellent tool for that. You will have a dry and fresh carpet in less than 45 minutes. The deep clean mode, on the other hand, rids your carpet of every speck of dirt.

This carpet cleaner comes with a water tank for your cleaning. The size of the tank varies, but it has its pros and cons.

With a large tank, you won’t need to refill it often; you can clean a large space without having to refill your tank. But large tanks make your Hoover carpet cleaner heavy.

Small tanks, on the other hand, are easier to carry about but you will make several trips to refill it. The tank size usually influences the price of the Hoover carpet cleaner. The bigger the tank, the more expensive it is.

Another helpful setting that helps Hoover carpet cleaners to get rid of stubborn stains is the steamer settings. The steam loosens stains and tough dirt that would have otherwise remained in the carpet after cleaning. This setting may be necessary when you have pets that occasionally leave a mess on the carpet.

The Hoover carpet cleaner has a cleaning solution dispenser that releases the right amount of dispensing liquid for your carpet. With this system, you don’t need to measure the amount of solution for cleaning.


Don’t Remove Your Carpets Because You Have Pets

Some pet owners decide to completely do away with their carpets because they are having a hard time cleaning the pet hairs and stains. You don’t need to take that drastic decision!

These are some tips to deal with them.

When dealing with pet hairs, rake your carpet before vacuuming. There are carpet rakes available for this piece of work.

carpet rakes
carpet rakes

You can also improvise a giant lint roller if you have an old paint roller. Wrap masking tape around it and ensure that the sticky side of the tape faces outward. Roll it over the carpet to pick up hairs on the carpet.

If you do not do this before vacuuming, your vacuum will clog often.

Pets urinate on carpets sometimes even if you train them very well. The best way to remove the stain is to deal with it immediately. Use a towel to absorb the moisture first and then use detergent and hot water to clean the stain. Absorb the moisture at that spot after cleaning.

Cleaning old stains such as pet urine, feces, and vomit is quite challenging. The stains have set in the fibers of the carpet, and they won’t come off easily.

First, apply white vinegar to the spot. Use non-bleach detergent on these kinds of stains and let it sit for some time. Then you rinse. You can use an extracting carpet cleaner to clean. This Hoover Carpet Cleaner is an excellent choice.

 Hoover Power Scrub Elite Pet Upright Carpet Cleaner and Shampooer

The Best Way to Use a Hoover Carpet Cleaner for Optimal Results

Vacuum your carpet first

Vacuuming the carpets ensures that all the dirt that is at the topmost part of the carpet is removed before you wet the carpet fibers.

Use hot water

Hot water loosens dirt and stains more effectively compared to cold water. Hence, it is advisable to use hot water in your Hoover carpet cleaner.

Move slowly

This carpet cleaner needs to have proper contact with your carpet to clean and dry it. When you are cleaning, remember to move slowly so that the machine can adequately remove dirt. When you are drying your carpet, you should also move slowly.

Vacuum after deep cleaning

Vacuum your carpet again after using your Hoover carpet cleaner. However, you should vacuum only when it is dry.


Related Questions

In a year, how many times should I clean with my Hoover carpet cleaner?

There are two cleaning modes. The quick cleaning mode can be used often. For instance, when you spill something on the carpet, you can use the quick cleaning mode on your Hoover.

Deep cleaning using the Hoover carpet cleaner can be done four times a year.

If you have pets, pet stains and furs will fill up your carpet quickly. Hence, it is advisable to clean your carpet four times a year in deep cleaning mode.

If you don’t have pets and there is less movement on your carpet, you can deep clean every six months.


What household items can I use to clean my carpet?

One common natural cleaning agent is baking soda. Whenever you spot light stains on your carpet, sprinkle baking soda at the spot, let it sit for about 60 minutes and vacuum the area. White vinegar and salt can also be an excellent cleaning solution. They are also pet-friendly.


Is Flea powder safe for pets?

It depends on the powder you are using. Powders that contain permethrin are not safe for your pet. If you treat flea on your pet and you want to get rid of fleas in your carpet, ensure that the powder is pet-friendly.


Does the Hoover Carpet Cleaner Work on Hard Flooring?

Hoover carpet cleaners are designed for carpets only. You may spoil your carpet cleaner if you use it on a hardwood floor.


Can I use shaving cream to remove carpet stains?

Yes, shaving cream is one of the household items that people use to get rid of carpet stains.

Shaving cream stops fresh stains from setting.

Remember to use only plain shaving cream. Other types of cream may contain dyes which can damage your carpet.

Using shaving cream can only be effective if you use it correctly.

If a spilled liquid or pet urine created the stain, soak up the liquid with a cloth or tissue. Now use a wet sponge to dilute the stain.

Don’t press that part of the carpet too hard when you are using the sponge. Doing that will push the stain deeper.

Apply enough of cream over the spot and let it sit for 15 minutes.

Now, use a clean wet sponge to clean the shaving cream residue from the place. Use a dry cloth to remove excess water from the area.

That spot won’t remain and the area will be as good as new.