How to Clean Bissell Carpet Cleaner

How to Clean Bissell Carpet Cleaner

If you love having a clean and spotless carpet cleaner, you will probably have a carpet cleaner at home. I got myself a Bissell carpet cleaner since it was one of the popular brands on the market. It cleaned my carpet very well. I was happy with it, but I remembered that I need to clean the carpet cleaner as well. This is to ensure that my Bissell carpet cleaner will be well maintained and work for a long time.

There were lots of instructions on the Bissell carpet cleaner, but I did my research too to find all the effective ways of cleaning the Bissell Carpet Cleaner. I found out more cleaning tips and much other useful information that you have probably not heard of. I have shared all of them in this article.

So, how do you clean the Bissell carpet cleaner? Cleaning the Bissell Carpet Cleaner is not a complicated process, but you will need to follow steps for a good outcome. Generally, there are three methods of cleaning the Bissell carpet cleaner depending on the type that you are using.


First Method  (Cleaning an upright Bissell Carpet Cleaner)

Cleaning the Upright Bissell Carpet Cleaner

With this method, you will wait to clean your machine periodically.

You need to schedule a regular cleaning period, but it should depend on how often you use the cleaner.

If you have a lot of people living in your home, your carpet will get dirty often. That means that you will be using the carpet cleaner often. This also means that you should clean your carpet cleaner more often.

The first thing to do is to shut down the carpet cleaner entirely and remove the plug from the power source. Remove the water tank from the base and empty it. You will need to open the lid to empty the tank. Then rinse and wipe the water tank. Now close the lid and put the water tank back in its place.

Look for a lint screen at the left side of the tank lid. When you find it, remove it and rinse it as well. Now, put it back.

The next thing to do is to remove the nozzle and rinse it as well. To remove the nozzle, first, push the nozzle handle forward. That will make it easy for you to remove it. After rinsing it, attach it to the base again.

You next clean the brushes by removing dirt, hair, and other particles stuck in the brush bristles.

Now, wet a clean cloth to clean the outer surface of the appliance. Use a cotton cloth so that it can absorb all the water while cleaning the surface well. Ensure that your carpet cleaner is completely dry before you use it again. You can be electrocuted if you plug it while there is water in it.


Second Method (Cleaning a portable Bissell Carpet Cleaner)

Cleaning a portable Bissell Carpet Cleaner

This method is the do as you go method.

With this method, your cleaning process lasts longer since it involves cleaning the machine itself. The good thing is that you won’t need to schedule another cleaning time for your carpet cleaner.

Wash the machine after every cleanup

Put hot water into the machine and move the machine for about 15 to 20 minutes. Squeeze the splash trigger in the process. You stop the process when the vacuum stops sucking water. Cleaning the machine with hot water after using it gets rid of all particles that may block the shower lines.

Move the carpet cleaner over the carpet when the carpet is dry to get rid of other particles that may get stuck in the machine.

Wash the hose of the appliance

You can do this by filling a bucket with water and then use the hose to suction the water. Then drain the water from the hose when you are done.

Clean the tank immediately after emptying it

Whenever you finish cleaning your carpet, you will need to empty the tank. Use the opportunity to clean the tank. Before cleaning the tank, remove the plug from the primary power source and wrap the cord. This is to ensure that your cleaning process is safe.

Wash the tank with hot water. Remember to use the hot water to wash the bladder and bottom of the tank. If your cleaner comes with more than one tank, clean all of them.

Clean the floor nozzle

Remove the floor nozzle first and then use hot water to wash it and place it where you took it.

Clean the brush

Remove the dirt and debris on the brush first. Since most carpet cleaners come with removable brushes, you need to remove the brush roll and clean it. You can check the user manual on how to remove the brush.

Wash the device attachments

These appliances come with attachments that can be used for specific cleaning roles. If your carpet cleaner comes with attachments, remove all of them and wash them with hot water. Leave them to dry before putting them back unto the machine.

Wash the diverter

The diverter also needs your attention. Detach it and clean it with hot water. Then you put it back.


Third Method (Cleaning a canister Bissell Carpet Cleaner)

Cleaning a canister Bissell Carpet Cleaner

This method is similar to the second method, but it is ideal for carpet cleaner models that have flow stack and other special features.

Rinse the hose after every use

Fill a bucket or bowl with warm water and plug your carpet cleaner. Let your carpet cleaner suck the water after turning the carpet cleaner on. Allow the water to clean the hose and then drain it when you satisfied with the cleaning.

Rinse the dirty water tank after every use

Wash the dirty water tank with hot water after use. But remember to unplug the carpet cleaner first. If your cleaner has a SpotBot, use a soft material to brush it clean. Replace the tank only after it is dry. Wipe it dry or air dry it.

Wash the flow stack

If the carpet cleaner model you are using comes with a float stack, remove it and wash it. Turn the flow stack in the anti-clockwise direction to remove it. When you are done washing it, put it back.

Wash the shower trigger

The shower trigger may have some dirt; clear them. Clean the entrance to the suction as well.

If your model allows the suction entryway to open when you remove the dirty water tank, use the opportunity to clean that area when you remove the water tank.

If not, unscrew it and then wash it with hot water. Check and wash the filters if they are dirty as well.


Related Questions

How often should I clean my carpets?

Ideally, you should clean your carpets two times a year. But, it will still depend on how often you walk on your carpet and the number of people in your home.

If you have a lot of people and there are high traffic lines, you may need to clean more than twice a year. But, the barest minimum for cleaning your carpet is 18 months.

Carpet manufacturers expect you to clean your carpet at least once within this period. If you do not, your carpet will not be covered under warranty if you encounter a problem.


Is it necessary to hire a professional carpet cleaner to clean my carpet?

It all depends on you. Carpet cleaning machines can now deep clean carpets and leave them as good as new. Hence, you can choose to send them to a professional or do it yourself.

If you have a carpet cleaner and you love to do things yourself, you can schedule some time to do your carpet cleaning.

If not, you can hire a professional carpet cleaning service.


What is the best time to clean your carpets?

You can deep clean your carpets at any time of the year.

There is no rule against that, but the best time to do this cleaning, just like most other types of cleaning, is the end of Spring. During this time, you can open windows to let the air dry the carpet. There will be a lesser amount of dirt since the ground is drying out.


What cleaning solution should I use in my Bissell carpet cleaner?

The company produces a cleaning solution for their carpet cleaners. You should probably stick to that cleaning solution. But if you want another option, vinegar is a good one. It cleans your carpet while being gentle on the fibers of the carpet.


Can I repair my Bissell carpet cleaner?

If your carpet cleaner stops working, check if you can identify the part that is not working. If it is a part, you can replace yourself, order the parts from Bissell and attach it. If not, you get the services of a repairman.

There are lots of carpet repair centers that will repair your broken Bissell carpet cleaner. Ensure that you get the services of a reliable repairman.

Some centers may end up leaving your machine worse off. Hence, you need to ask for recommendations and if it is a repair center that is listed online, check their reviews.


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