Does Carpet Cleaning Kill Bed Bugs?

Does Carpet Cleaning Kill Bed Bugs

Bed bugs have become a nuisance in my home. They are increasingly becoming my worst nightmare. These insects are very stubborn, and a lot of cleaning methods will not work on them. I have been thinking about how carpet cleaning can help out. This led me to research on how carpet cleaning can kill bed bugs. Apparently, a lot has been discussed on carpet cleaning and bed bags. Let’s get talking about what I found.

So does carpet cleaning kill bed bugs? Yes, carpet cleaning kill bed bugs but not the typical carpet cleaning method. You will need to use heat to get rid of bed bugs. A steamer and vacuum can be of great help in getting rid of bed bugs in your carpet.


How to Use a Steamer to Control Bed Bugs Effectively

When you properly apply steam on carpets infested with bed bugs, it can kill bugs at all levels.

Clear all furniture from the infested carpet area. Move the furniture and other things outside. Note that bed bugs can infest furniture too. Hence, you must move the furniture out and fumigate them so that any bed bug in it can die off.

You will avoid introducing more bed bugs to the carpet if you ensure that there are no bugs in the furniture or other stuff you have in the room.

The next thing to do is to vacuum the infested carpet. Vacuuming will help you to get rid of some of the bugs, food particles, dust, and dirt.

Move your vacuum slowly over the carpet. Ensure that you move across every inch of the carpet. Run both suction attachment and brush attachment over the carpet. The suction attachment will remove clinging dirt and things that are trapped within the carpet. The brush will also scrape off bugs and dirt.

Don’t sweep a carpet that is infested with bed bugs. You will end up spreading the eggs, larvae, and the bed bugs even more. That is why vacuuming is the best thing to do. Vacuuming lifts and remove the eggs, larvae, and bugs, hence, there are no chances of it spreading.

Now use the steamer on the carpet. Adjust the temperature to 160-180°F. The bed bugs may survive if the heat is lower than this. Use the steamer on every inch of the carpet.

Bed bugs can really hide in carpets, and if you decide to clean only areas where these bugs are visible, you may end up leaving lots of bugs in the carpet.

The speed at which you move the wand should depend on the amount of heat that is being applied. If the heat is extreme, move the wand a bit faster. Otherwise, move slowly.

Ensure that your carpet is not wet; it may, however, be damp. If the carpet is wet, the steamer will not release enough steam, and the bed bugs may survive despite your steaming process.

Repeat the process until you are sure that your carpet is completely free from bed bugs.


Precautions to take when steam cleaning your carpet

Although the steamer is effective at killing bed bugs, it can be a dangerous tool if it is not used correctly. Take these precautions when you are using it.

  • Read the steamer manual to be sure of the dos and don’ts of the appliance.
  • The manufacturer’s instructions are the safest guide to follow. Use them.
  • Do not let children use the steamer since it can cause burns.
  • Be cautious when filling the steamer with water since it is already under pressure.
  • Test your steamer before using it. Set it to the temperature you intend to use on your carpet, and test it on the part of the carpet that is not always visible. You will know if the steam can is good enough for the carpet when you do this.
  • Sometimes, steamers spit out hot water when you start them. Keep the wand away from you, your family, and pets before you start the steamer. Do not point it to anything that can be damaged with hot water.


Alternative Method of Killing Bed Bugs in Carpets

Apart from using the steam cleaner, some products can help you to get rid of these notorious bugs. Some of them are in powder form. You will need to sprinkle them over the area. When bugs crawl through the powder, it will cut their exoskeletal. This will make them dry up and die.

Some of them also liquids that you spray on the carpet. Spray a small portion of the carpet to ensure that it will not stain the carpet.


How to Detect Beg Bugs in Carpets

If your carpet is brownish or is a dark shade, beg bugs can easily blend into it. These bugs are also small, and they can hide for a long time. Sometimes, you may only feel the movements when they come into contact with your skin. Even when they come into contact, they are difficult to kill.

You can, however, detect them using carpet tape. Both sides of carpet tapes are sticky so you can lay them on the carpets and wait for the bugs to crawl over them and get stuck. You can also use them on the legs of the furniture since bed bugs usually travel up the bed at night.

Replace the tape every three days since it will dry out and become less effective. Do this three times, and if you don’t find any bed bugs on the tape, you can conclude that your carpets are not infested with bed bugs.


How to Get Rid of Bed Bugs on Bare Floors

The best way to get rid of bugs from floors is to use bed bugs cleaning products such as borax powder or diatomaceous earth. You will need to remove furniture and other things from the space and then sprinkle or spray the product over the area.

Then you next vacuum to get rid of the bed bugs. When vacuuming, pay attention to cracks in the wall, as well as hard to reach areas. Bed bugs love to hide in these areas.

If you have things such as wall paintings, hanging on the wall, remove them and sprinkle the powder there. They may be hiding behind these things.

When you sprinkle the powder, keep your kids and pets away from the area. Be thorough when you sprinkle the powder. Do not miss any part of the infested floor or wall.

If you leave a single bed bug behind, it will quickly multiply and you will have to begin the process all over.


Related Questions

Can handheld steam cleaners kill bed bugs?

Yes, a handheld steam cleaner can kill bed bugs if it can heat above 120°F.


Does baking soda kill bed bugs?

Yes, baking soda can help you get rid of bed bugs, but it is not the most effective way to get rid of this bug.

The truth is that bed bugs do not die easily, and if you do not use the baking soda well, a lot of them will survive. Killing bed bugs with baking powder will take time and you will need to be very patient during the process.

Most people sprinkle or pour the baking powder at areas where the bed bugs tend to move the most. Others also make a paste of baking soda and water and apply them to wall cracks and other areas where the bugs may be trapped.

Then when the bed bugs ingest the chemical, it bursts their digestive system and kills them eventually. Sometimes, the tiny crystals in the baking soda also cut the belly of the bug, and this wound can eventually kill them.

Baking soda is well known to absorb moisture in substances and areas. When the bug comes into contact with the baking soda, the chemical will suck water from the bed bug. The bed bug becomes dehydrated and dies.

You should turn up your heater when you sprinkle or put baking soda in your home.


Is there a difference between carpet bugs and bed bugs?

Apart from bed bugs, different types of bugs can live in your carpet. A common insect found in carpets is the carpet beetle. Carpet beetles can fly, and they live in any part of your home. Bed bugs, on the other hand, only live within a 15-foot radius from humans and pets.


Can bed bugs stay on clothes?

Yes, bed bugs can stay on clothes. If you happen to sit in a piece of furniture that is infested with bed bugs, the bug can migrate and hide in the seams of your clothes.

They love to hide in areas that they cannot be easily be detected. They will stay there until they have another place to migrate to.

The best thing to do after visiting a home that is infested with bed bugs is to leave your clothes outside. Then you wash and iron it. The heat from the iron will kill the bed bug. After that, check every part of the clothing to ensure that there are no bed bugs hiding in them.

If you do not do this, you may end up transferring it to your home. These bugs reproduce quickly and they can fill up your home in no time.


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