Benefits Of Properly Maintained And Cleaned Carpets

Extended Carpet Lifespan

Getting your carpets cleaned can be a bit of a hassle, so many people wonder if it’s worth it. I am here to ensure you know the benefits of well maintained and cleaned carpets!

Several benefits are enjoyed when carpets are maintained well including but not limited to:

  • Reduction in dust
  • Visible cleanliness
  • Improved health (Fewer allergens and germs)
  • Extended carpet lifespan

There are so many reasons to have your carpets cleaned, and I will try to cover as many as I can.

Reduction in Dust

reduction in dust

Vacuums are great, but they simply cannot get everything. A vacuum uses a combination of suction and spinning bristles that comb your carpet for dust and other unwanted detritus. Although vacuuming is crucial to cleanliness, they cannot be the only way that you clean your carpets.

Whether you do it yourself or have professionals do it, having your carpets cleaned with soap and water is going to be much more effective than simply a vacuum.

Dust is everywhere and it is really disgusting. When dust is on furniture or decorations, it is really easy to run your favorite brand of duster over the top of it to pick up all the dust left behind by everyday activities. With carpet, it can be a lot harder than simply running something fluffy over it to get all the dust out.

Carpet is so great, but it requires a lot more maintenance than a simple sweep like hardwood. Carpet is really complicated because there are so many different types out there, so it can be hard to develop a solution that cleans every type of carpet well.

The truth is that your vacuum is not designed specifically for your carpet, and it is going to miss a lot of things.

When people design a vacuum, they try to make something that fits as many use cases as possible. They are designed to clean anything from hardwood to really dense shag carpet. No vacuum is perfect, no matter what the commercials say.

Carpet has many different parts to it, and it encounters a lot more than a simple dusting every now and again like furniture. The dust that is found in your carpet is stepped on, dripped on, and rubbed into the deep crevices of the floor.

A vacuum has a lot of trouble getting this baked in and caked-on form of dust out of every nook and cranny.

A great example to think of is your clothes. If you got your clothes really dusty, is simply banging them out on something going to get all the grime out? Absolutely not! It is really important to clean things thoroughly of all that nasty grime before it becomes an irritant to your skin or nose.

Get your carpets cleaned to remove as much dust as possible.


Visible Cleanliness


A big thing with carpet is that it can quickly look dingy if it is not properly cared for.

If carpets are not properly maintained, they can be permanently damaged from all the debris that comes into the room from the outdoors. That damage is sometimes irreversible but can be completely prevented with a good carpet cleaning.

A lot of the discoloration that happens on carpets is not something that can be pulled up using a vacuum. Vacuums are great at pulling up really loose things, but they cannot get things that are more caked on and set in.

Carpet cleaning services and simple home cleaners are great for removing set-in stains and marks. You would be surprised at how your carpet looks after a thorough cleaning.

Nobody wants their home to look dirty, and if your carpets are dingy then it doesn’t matter how clutter-free your house is. It is going to look dirty and unkempt.

Getting your carpet cleaned often will promote a clean household because the home will look truly clean.

Set the cash and time aside to clean your carpets properly and you will be happy with the results.

You will feel like your carpets are new again!

Improved Health

Improved Health

Recently, there has been a wave of new “Healthy” lifestyle fads out there.

A lot of people are really interested in new ways to improve their quality of life. I would like to point out that many people could improve their quality of life a whole lot by simply changing the way that they care for their carpets.

If carpets are not properly maintained, they can turn into a living biome of different creatures that you cannot see but definitely do not want.

Lots of things can live in your carpet including things that cause allergies and other bad health effects. Although a vacuum will help with this microbiome, it cannot really do much to kill things. The only way to hit the reset button on the living things in your carpet is to either kill everything there or remove its food source.

Creatures like bacteria, dust mites, and mold require nutrients to survive and reproduce. Those nutrients are provided when you shed your dead skin cells onto the carpet and then pack it down with repeated walking. Crumbs and other food/drink particles are other sources of food. These food sources are removed partially when you vacuum, but not entirely.

The bacteria and other critters feed on this unending supply of food that seemingly falls from the sky and then live their life making copies of themselves to continue the cycle.

When they die, their dead bodies are eaten by all sorts of other nasty bacteria and fungus. That circle of life is really great when you are watching it on the discovery channel, but it is not something you would want happening under your feet.

These dead bodies and bacteria that grow in the carpet is really bad for your health and is the main reason that hospitals use tile or linoleum floors  (that and it’s really hard to clean up a spill from the carpet).

Cleaning your carpets with a proper carpet cleaning solution does several things to stop this nasty life cycle from happening in your home.

First, cleaning a carpet with a proper steam cleaner does a great job of killing a lot of the little microbes that call your carpet home.

Second, deep cleaning carpets gets rid of the future food source of future generations of germs and critters that live in your carpet.

Third, the soap actually has anti-microbial properties that will prevent the next generation from happening for at least a little while.

I encourage people to view their carpet as a fabric that needs a lot of love and maintenance to do its job properly.

If you don’t want to worry about the little bugs that grow in your carpet, then I suggest getting hardwood floors or tile. Carpet is wonderful in so many ways, but you cannot just put it in and forget about it without heavy repercussions.


Extended Carpet Lifespan

Extended Carpet Lifespan

There is nothing like stepping on a recently cleaned and dried carpet, and that is for a really good reason.

Carpets are a very large combination of fibers that come together to make a very fluffy and soft surface to walk and play on. These fibers, like clothing, need washing to retain their fluffy and soft shape.

With the proper products for carpet maintenance, they can retain their soft and fluffy shape that makes the carpet so awesome in the first place.

If you were to never wash a shirt and just dust it off every few days, it wouldn’t last as long as a shirt that gets a proper fabric softener and wash every once and a while.

Although excessive washing will actually do more harm than good, carpets must be shampooed for them to get the right chemicals that keep them springy and soft.

If you want your carpets to look as good as they did when you first bought them, then a deep carpet cleaning at least once a year is really important.

Just like you maintain everything else in your life, a carpet needs maintenance. Protect the investment that you made when you bought that carpet and get it cleaned every once and a while!


Related Questions

Can Carpets be cleaned too much? When carpets are deep cleaned too much, it can put unnecessary wear on the carpet. Getting carpets wet repeatedly without allowing time to properly dry can damage the carpet.

Is getting a professional cleaner worth it? If a carpet is cleaned often with a home solution for shampooing carpet, it is still really important to get the carpet professionally cleaned every once in a while. Home carpet shampooers are designed to extend the time between professional cleaners rather than replace them entirely.

What is better; Steam cleaning or shampooing carpet? Steam cleaning is a deeper clean, while shampooing treats the carpet with important chemicals that keep it fluffy and microbe-free. Both are important for a really clean and health-promoting carpet.