Best Washer and Dryer for Airbnb

Why do people choose Airbnb over a hotel? Well, one of the reasons is that guests have access to amenities and appliances they would have at home and wouldn’t necessarily be available to the regular hotel guest, such as a washer and dryer!

In an average hotel room, a guest would need to give their clothes to hotel staff so that they may be laundered, but in an Airbnb, these appliances are usually provided. This allows a level of comfort for guests. Essentially, the comfort of home while on vacation means for better ratings for you (hosts)!

Whether your guest is coming over a weekend break or staying longer, they will be washing their clothes. You should purchase a washer and dryer that would be suitable for their needs.

Some of the factors to look into would be the capacity of the washer (weight of the load) and certain specifics, such as whether it is a front loader or top loader. Further, with appliances such as clothes washers, there is a large variety of models available, and costs can range from cheap to very expensive.

You may choose to spend big to buy a more modern, stainless steel, fingerprint-proof clothes washer and dryer that would enhance the look and style of your laundry room as well, or maybe what we are looking for is a small, light load and inexpensive appliance that is convenient.

We hope to help the reader and ease the decision-making process by defining some “things to keep in mind” before making a purchase and what one can expect from this purchase.

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What to consider before buying a Washer and Dryer for Airbnb?


Before getting a washer and dryer for your Airbnb, you should ensure that the appliance is durable. After all, this can turn out to be a significant investment, and we want this to be an appliance that doesn’t damage the laundered material while requiring minimal maintenance over time.

The safe route might be to stick with established manufacturers who have a history of prompt and comprehensive responses concerning their product.


Then there is the question of cost or investment. This differs based on budget, but one definitely should be willing to invest in better technology if it guarantees clean and efficient functioning of the washer for an extended period.

You do have utility bills to consider when discussing appliances of this nature. I would look for certifications that guarantee the same, for example, is this device Energy Star Certified?

Necessity and Functionality

Also, do you want an appliance with a washer and dryer combined? If you live in a hot and dry climate such as a desert or similarly arid region, you probably wouldn’t need a dryer? However, if you lived in rainy Seattle, that combined functionality looks pretty useful now, doesn’t it?

Between hosting guests, can you use this appliance to clean heavier loads such as quilts or duvet covers?

Convenience and Aesthetics

Hypothetically, if you had a decent-sized budget for a combined washer and dryer for your Airbnb guests to avail of, you might consider buying a product that has quality even in terms of appearance and convenience.

For example, does this appliance make a lot of noise? Is the dial user-friendly and functional, thereby allowing first-time guests to launder their clothes easily?

Return Policy and Warranty

If you decide to purchase an appliance from the manufacturer, the return policy of said manufacturer would be different from that of, say Amazon.

This may differ from one product to another, and even in this era of digitized logistics and supply chain – mistakes and accidents do happen.

Similarly, the warranty is important in case you decide to return the mattress for whatever reason, and this would, again, be different from one manufacturer to another.


5 Best Washer & Dryer Sets for Airbnb

Assuming that you are now at a stage where we have an idea of what to keep an eye out for, let’s get down to business – we look at the best Washer and Dryer Sets for Airbnb having modern technology.


Giantex Full-Automatic Washing Machine

Giantex Full-Automatic Washing Machine

This fully automatic washing machine from Giantex has a control panel with ten programs, eight water level selections, and an LED Display.

While the appliance is lightweight and easy to manoeuver, the capacity is quite high and makes a suitable option for Airbnb’s with medium weight laundry to clean (about 9.92 lbs.).

With its imbalance adjustment function that automatically regulates vibration, this appliance is affordable, functional, and with enough technology to be convenient but not overwhelming to new users.

Its small size and convenient built-in drain pump with automatic drainage allow hosts to place this in any laundry room easily. Since this is top load, hosts with larger and heavier loads might want to consider larger models with front loading.


ZENSTYLE Full-Automatic Multifunctional Washing Machine

ZENSTYLE Full-Automatic Multifunctional Washing Machine

In a similar genre as above, this fully automatic multifunctional appliance from ZENSTYLE has a slightly higher load capacity at 10 lbs with slightly lower pricing. This washing machine would be great when the host wants to save on space, time, and energy.

As a top loader, this appliance is meant for medium weights and might not be suitable for large items such as a quilt or curtain, etc. However, it does make up for that inconvenience as the host can place this in the corner of their kitchen, bathroom, or storeroom. Considering its cost, it makes for a good value buy!


Splendide WDC7100XC Washer-Dryer Combo

Splendide WDC7100XC Washer-Dryer Combo

Our first front loader of the list, this washer-dryer combo appliance from Splendide is more of a heavyweight with a load capacity of 15 lbs. for washing and 11 lbs. for drying. The technology ensures that this appliance is super silent not to disturb our guests.

Along with the automatic water control, Splendide designed this appliance for heavier usage, and at 145 lbs., it isn’t the easiest to move around, so we suggest picking your spot and sticking with it.

The selections and options available allow users to operate this at different temperatures, timings while its dials and knobs reflect high-quality engineering, but don’t take our word for it, check it out on Amazon.


LG WM3997HWA Ventless Steam Washer/Dryer

LG WM3997HWA Ventless Steam Washer/Dryer

Weighing in at 205 pounds, this washer-dryer combo from LG could be considered a heavyweight, but this is a high-quality product meant for heavy-duty washing (and drying) which is capable of handling large and small items including curtains, duvet covers, quilts, and clothes!

The control panel includes 14 wash cycles, four dry cycles, eight options, and five temperatures that ensure this device uses gentle steam to clean while also penetrating different fabrics thoroughly.

The anti-vibration system makes sure that even the heavy loads would not lead to a lot of noise in the room. However, we will need to allot space for this appliance.

The price reflects the quality, durability, and ability of this product, which has great reviews on Amazon as well.

Although on the heavier side, this appliance is durable and capable of cleaning heavier loads and, therefore, a good choice for Airbnb hosts who have a regular stream of guests and a lot of laundering to do!


Equator Combo Washer-Dryer

Equator Combo Washer-Dryer

This appliance from Equator, that has quite a bit of experience in manufacturing these products, having won multiple awards as well. This is also reflected by its positive ratings in Amazon.

At 161 pounds, it is lighter than the LG Washer/Dryer. However, it is stacked with features such as the Quiet Function, which ensures noise levels below 60dB and a dual vent fan for faster drying.

The redesigned control panel has a simple 2-step operation process while it can handle up to a capacity of 13 pounds. The energy and time-saving features have earned it design and industry awards while also saving on our utility bill!

On the pricier side, this features packed appliance would be great for almost any Airbnb property!

The manufacturer also provides one-year parts and labor warranty, although we strongly recommend checking on the return policy from the place of purchase as that of Amazon might be different from the manufacturer.


Conclusion: Top-Rated Washers and Dryers for Airbnb

To summarize, buying an appliance such as a washer or a dryer would depend on multiple factors such as space, cost, functionality, warranty and return policy, durability, and convenience.

It is imperative to have a good idea of each parameter to reach a balanced decision and one that we won’t regret later.

We hope the information provided will help you reach that decision without neglecting more nuanced aspects such as design and aesthetics for your Airbnb.

After all, you want to get great ratings from guests who have rented your Airbnb properties. To achieve that takes a good sense of interior design combined with modern appliances to ensure comfort and convenience is the order of the day for any guest!

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