Best Towels for Airbnb 2022: Tried and Tested

Best Towels for Airbnb

As hosts for a property on Airbnb, your ratings depend on multiple factors.

Do you have luxurious linen and a comfortable mattress?

Are there appliances in the kitchen and for guests to launder their clothes after a day out?

Some Airbnb hosts go the extra mile and install smart devices and even Alexa so that guests can remain connected.

There is one thing that almost all guests lookout for while rating an Airbnb – towels and the cleanliness associated with the same.

You do not want a guest finding a stained towel in your Airbnb property. It is a sure-shot way to lose out on positive reviews. Further, towels are essential and they may vary from being inexpensive and functional or luxurious and expensive.

As the host, you will need to decide on how much money you are willing to invest in towels for your Airbnb and we hope this article helps ease the decision making process and indeed, define it.

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Airbnb Towel Buying Guide

In brief, there are a few ways of approaching the subject of buying towels.

Do you want your towels in white color? This may have pros and cons. White colors can easily be laundered along with any other white linen and are especially convenient if our property has a washing machine and dryer.

That being said, white towels are prone to stains, considering their purpose and it might be best to opt for solid darker colors such as black, dark blue, grey, etc. However, this is a personal choice as you might want to pick a color that compliments your Airbnb’s location.

Further, we would recommend buying towels in sets. Guests will likely require bath/beach towels, face towels and hand towels and most points of purchase, such as Amazon, sell a varied range of towels as a set.

As a host, you want to have extra towels in case guests request the same or if for some reason, laundering is not an option, having spares would be wise. Keeping the spares handy so that the guest is aware, in case they need an extra hand towel would be a good idea or keep them locked away in storage so they may be used at your discretion.



With essentials like a towel, you should keep in mind that wear and tear is inevitable with use and after multiple tumbles in the washing machine.

That said, it does differ from one brand to the next and many of the premium towels in the market use very high thread count cotton and reinforced stitching. Also, take note of the manufacturer’s recommendations on the optimum cleaning process.



The budget when purchasing towels is important and hosts can end up spending quite a bit over the longer period if you make the wrong decision.

As mentioned earlier, towels will need to be replaced over time and we will need to keep investing. The cost of a towel can depend on the quality of cotton and threading which is generally measured in units known as GSM (grams per square meter).

A towel made from Egyptian cotton at 700 GSM will differ in price from those made from Turkish cotton at 900 GSM, for example.



Again, the quality of the materials used and type makes a huge difference. Manufacturers make premium towels with a certain type of cotton as they are considered more absorbent and durable than others.



Towels contribute to the overall prerequisite of having a clean, organized closet and bathroom to help us hosts get better ratings and reviews.

We have covered colors that would be suitable earlier in this article but essentially, towels are all about the touch! After all, who doesn’t love a soft, fluffy towel that wraps us in a blanket of luxury and comfort?


Return Policy and Warranty

As with most essentials, we will need to replace towels periodically over time and after multiple washes. That said, some brands do provide up to 2 years warranty for their products.

Concerning the return policy, this would depend on the place of purchase. For instance, the manufacturer’s terms and policy will probably not be the same as that of Amazon.


List of Best Airbnb Towels

We have taken the liberty of forming a list of the best towels for Airbnb that is a combination of individual towels and those sold as a set.


Luxury White Bath Towels by White Classic

Luxury White Bath Towels by White Classic

These towels by manufacturer White Classic are made from Egyptian cotton with 700 GSM and are sold on Amazon as a set of four.

With great reviews, these high-quality bath towels are soft, comfortable and elegant. It might be best suited for an Airbnb with a washing machine and dryer.

Each towel is spun from long-staple cotton which is more absorbent than towels made from Turkish cotton.

With dimensions of 27 x 54 inches, they are sized well and comfortable to lounge in, after a swim or a shower which we are sure will be appreciated by guests.

White Classic has made these towels available in multiple colors such as grey, black, navy blue, light blue, brown, etc. Besides, they are reinforced with double-needle embroidered stitching which prevents fraying from use and multiple washes.

The manufacturer provides a 2 year extended warranty which reflects the confidence they have in their products and you have to admit, all-white does make the room look classy!


Chakir Turkish Linens – Luxury Hotel and Spa Bath Towel

These luxury towels from the manufacturer, Chakir Turkish Linens, are sold as a set of four on Amazon.

Made from 100% Turkish cotton, these white luxury towels come in at 700+ GSM. They are highly absorbent and dry easily.

They are machine washable and dryable and with dimensions of 27×54 inches are generously sized!

As with all white linens, it is recommended that they are washed with other whites.

Being imported from Turkey, one might want to check on availability before purchasing, however, the manufacturer does provide various other types of towels that would make for a great, classic look in your Airbnb!


Organic Turkish Cotton Hotel Bath Towels by SALBAKOS

Organic Turkish Cotton Hotel Bath Towels by SALBAKOS

Another example of premium towels made manufacturer SALBAKOS, these Turkish cotton towels imported from turkey are super absorbent and have been vat-dyed to help retain the bright white color even after multiple washes.

These towels come as a set of four on Amazon and have received some positive ratings thanks to them being soft –to- touch and luxurious to feel, thereby making them a great choice for your Airbnb!

Being organic, these towels are safe to use and no bleach has been used in the manufacturing process which contributes to the “softness”.

Available in multiple colors and sets, they are sure to enhance the overall aesthetics of your Airbnb while also being very functional!


Utopia Towels Cotton Towels

Utopia Towels Cotton Towels

These imported cotton towels which are sold on Amazon in a pack of six, have very positive ratings and are a more affordable option for Airbnb.

As they are manufactured and sold in multiple colors, the set of 6 also allows hosts to keep spares handy for guests who might request an extra towel.

These high absorbent towels from Utopia dry quickly and are suitable to be used in the gym, pool, and beach while being machine washable and therefore, convenient.

With dimensions of 22 x 44 inches, these towels are slightly smaller than the others on the list but still large enough to ensure comfort for guests after a day in a pool!

While the cotton or GSM might not be as high as the others, these towels are considered great value-for-money while also being built to be durable.


Luxury Towel Set by Joluzzy

Luxury Towel Set by Joluzzy

A slightly more varied option, this luxury towel set manufactured by Joluzzy is available on Amazon which includes 2 bath towels, 2 hand towels, 2 face towels, and 1 floor-mat.

A premium and high-quality option, Joluzzy manufactured these with 100% Turkish cotton and with a count of 700 GSM (while the floor mat has a count of 900 GSM).

Sold in multiple colors, we loved the steel-blue/gray variant although all options ensure luxury, comfort and a touch of style to any room.

The dimensions stand at 30 x 55 inches for the bath towels ensuring comfort and coziness! Something, we are sure would be noted by any guests at an Airbnb!

Also, to sweeten the deal, this set does come with a 12-month warranty as well!


Conclusion: Best Airbnb Towels in 2022

In conclusion, as with all essentials bought for an Airbnb, it is imperative to go in with a clear idea of how much you want to spend on towels while also keeping in mind that this will be a recurring expense.

Further, you would need to factor in the convenience and availability to launder these towels close by or take the added expense of keeping spare towels handy for guests who might need them.

That said, a luxurious, comfortable, soft and fluffy towel leaves a positive memory for all guests, while the varying solid colors help add a touch of elegance to your Airbnb property!

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