Top Toiletries for Airbnb: Must Have!

Best Toiletries for Airbnb

As with all essentials – that are expected by guests – in an Airbnb, toiletries play a significant part in the rating that you, as a host, will receive.

As hosts, you aspire to offer a comfortable experience for guests by including toiletries in addition to towels, linens, kitchen appliances, and encourage guests to tell their network of contacts about their time they had while renting your Airbnb.

Unlike with hotel rooms, you may have guests staying at your property, even if you don’t necessarily live there yourself. This means that you may tend to take it as a matter of pride when setting up your Airbnb property, but toiletries sometimes get overlooked.

But keep in mind that toiletries make for an easy purchase and can be a deciding factor in the reviews you receive.

First, let’s discuss what products would constitute a “good toiletries kit” for your Airbnb. At the very least, we recommend that the toiletries kit include key essentials such as shampoo, conditioner, bar soap or body wash, and body lotion.

Depending on budget and other factors, you may also include a shaving kit, loofah, slippers, a hairdryer, toothbrush, toothpaste, makeup remover wipes (this would also go a long way in saving towels from makeup stains!), cotton balls and even a first aid kit.

If you have no budgetary concerns and are looking for a premium brand for your Airbnb property, then it would be relatively easy to choose from high-end brands such as Bulgari, etc.

However, for the sake of simplicity, we will be reviewing brands with specific items as a part of the purchase package and have received positive reviews.  These brands may not be extravagant but are of premium quality.

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Factors to keep in mind: Toiletries for Airbnb

When opting for a toiletries kit, we would suggest trying to go for neutral scents or even unscented products so that all guests can use them without worrying about allergic reactions (not a great formula for good reviews). Further, neutral scents also tend to be better received by guests of all genders.

Unlike hotels, Airbnb guests may choose to stay for longer periods. Therefore, it might be more budget-friendly purchasing in bulk and larger unit sizes. This allows the host to have supplies of essentials ready and on-hand when requested by guests.

Larger dispensers also don’t have to be refilled as often and also helps reduces the tasks involved while cleaning after each guest. This might not be possible in every situation but would help save on costs and effort for hosts who are more “hands-on.”

Reaching a balanced decision on certain factors such as budget, quality, and quantity would depend on your personal preferences and whether the property is premium or a cozy studio apartment.

Either way, if the property is not at a convenient location to personally maintain, it remains wise to stick to the overall thumb-rule when dealing with toiletries, which are – buy in bulk and preferably in larger sized individual units to reduce time while cleaning and discourage theft.

There is no escaping the fact that, as hosts, you will have to spend time on research to find the right purchase package that is sustainable, cost-effective, and qualitatively sufficient to suit your Airbnb.

Nonetheless, we have listed some of the more popular kits available on Amazon, which may be used as a jump-off point before further research eventually reveals the best purchase for you!

Sustainability – A word that is easily used and often forgotten during execution. We strongly recommend that you take note and be proactive in their approach to sustainability. This would include being sustainable economically, concerning wastage, and the utilization of eco-friendly products.

The advantages of opting for organic and eco-friendly products cannot be overstated and is often reflected in the reviews you receive from guests, who are infinitely more aware these days.


List of Recommended Toiletries and Bathroom Essentials for Airbnb

Eco Botanics Hotel Size Toiletries Set

Eco Botanics Hotel Size Toiletries Set

This kit is sold on Amazon in sets of 75, 150, and 300 pieces and is very well suited for Airbnbs as it includes Shampoo, Conditioner, Body Wash, Lotion, and Soap Bar.

The manufacturer Eco Botanics guarantees the purity of the ingredients and, therefore, its positive effects.

The 150 piece set includes 30 pieces of each product made from natural and organic formulas with chamomile and honey scent. These high-quality toiletries are environmentally friendly and paraben-free, gluten-free, and made with organic aloe, honey, and olive oil, thereby perfect for guests with all types of hair and skin!

Specifically reviewed positively by Airbnb hosts, this set comes in luxurious packaging, which the manufacturer backs with a return policy.


Bath and Body Works Toiletry Kit

Bath and Body Works Toiletry Kit

This toiletry set from Bath and Body Works is a good option for hosts looking to adorn their Airbnb bathrooms with fresh scents such as the Fresh Sea Salt Mango. Another scent available by the same manufacturer is On The Waves.

These are two options from Bath and Body Works ranging from affordable to premium, and the same is true with many brands that sell such kits for hotel and Airbnb bathrooms.

Bath and Body Works is distinctive in its fresh scents, which are gender-neutral and suitable for Airbnb’s.


Puracy Organic Personal Care Travel Set

Puracy Organic Personal Care Travel Set

This set from Puracy includes four pieces, which are Natural Body Wash, Shampoo, Conditioner, and Body Lotion. This set sticks out in that Puracy have created their products with a plant-powered formula developed by doctors is organic, plant-derived, non-toxic, hypoallergenic, vegan, gluten-free, biodegradable…you get the picture.

In addition to being affordable, hosts will find this a useful set in addition to any other purchases we may make, such as toothbrushes, etc. Puracy does provide options to add items to the set for an additional cost on Amazon as well.

The manufacturer guarantees the sustainability of its products, and all guests would be able to use these with no risk of reactions as the lotion is unscented.


Bergman Kelly Toiletries Set

Bergman Kelly Toiletries Set

This toiletry set from Bergman Kelly includes a soap bar, 2 in 1 shampoo and conditioner with a scent like white tea. It makes for a good buy for an Airbnb, especially considering Amazon does provide the option of buying a pack of 20 items as well as 50 items.

As a durable, eco-friendly option, Bergman Kelly also provides further options such as toothpaste and deodorant sticks, which may be added to the set.

They have an additional scent named “Tropical Waterfall,” and the manufacturer has made this set and the items in it with guests in mind with particularly good reviews from Airbnb hosts as well.


Terra Pure Toiletries Set

Terra Pure Toiletries Set

On the pricier side, Terra Pure offers Airbnb hosts a well-packaged set of bar soaps with options to add their natural shampoo and conditioner on Amazon.

Also completely designed with guests at Airbnbs and hotels in mind, this is a quality and luxurious option for hosts with a good budget.

This bar of soap from Terra Pure even uses 100% soy-based ink on the packaging, and this might be best suited for upscale Airbnb properties.

All of their lines were created with the environment and well-being of consumers as a priority since they use vegetable-based formulas. These include variations such as “H2O Therapy”, “Mountain Breeze,” “Desert Breeze,” etc. that are all manufactured by Terra Pure and has reviews on Amazon, reflecting their suitability for Airbnbs.


Moda West 24 Piece Hygiene & Toiletry Kit

Moda West 24 Piece Hygiene & Toiletry Kit

This is an option for those of you who aren’t too picky with regards to the brand name. You can grab this 24 pieces large set, which even includes items such as combs, nail clippers, razors, etc.


Conclusion: Best Toiletries for Airbnb Guests

We have chosen to go with a list that was designed specifically for guests of Airbnb rentals and hotels with their particular range of sensibilities and sensitivities concerning their health.

These products are eco-friendly with neutral scents and biodegradable packaging. They vary in costs, scents, and size, but in the end, you will have to decide based on your personal preferences and a predetermined budget.

Finally, something for you to keep in mind before we sign off is that since we know these sets may be mixed and have different items depending on the manufacturer or point of sale.

In addition to toiletries, you can also choose to enhance your guests’ experience by having additional items such as towel racks, trash bins, hooks and shelves, bath mats or foot towels, hairdryers, dental kits and a clean set of towels!

Remember that it isn’t just the toiletries set alone but the whole “experience” that is provided and it shows guests that you care for them. For example, when they have the option of a hairdryer or welcome slippers.

In the end, you, as the host, would also have to decide between using one-time products and larger dispensers and purchase accordingly. There is no right or wrong; just go for what suits you the best.

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