Best Steam Mop with Grout Attachment 

Best Steam Mop with Grout Attachment

My floors always look nice and clean since I clean them regularly. But I cannot say the same about the grouts. They now look quite unkempt even though I clean them whenever I am cleaning my floor. I figured that the steam mop I am using is probably now cleaning the grout well. I started searching for steam mops with grout attachments. I found a lot of them, and I have compiled a list of the best options.

So what is the best steam mop with grout attachment? We have compiled a list of the top-rated steam mops with grout attachments. According to our review, the best steam mop with grout attachment is the Bissel Powerfresh Steam Mop.

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List of the Best Steam Mops with Grout Attachment

There are several steam mops on the market. Most manufacturers claim that they are effective at cleaning grout. However, reviews and tests say otherwise.

Bissell Powerfresh Steam Mop

Bissell Powerfresh Steam Mop

The Bissell Powerfresh Steam Mop features several settings that allow you to tackle different cleaning demands with the appropriate setting.

This mop also features a low profile mop head that can conveniently enter hard to reach areas to clean grout. This mop head can also clean all crevices, corners, and edges.

It allows you to clean your space without using harsh chemicals. Your kids and pets can play on the floor after cleaning.

It features several steam settings and you can always choose the one that best fits your needs; there are medium and low settings. It also features an easy scrubber that can help you to get rid of stubborn stains and dried-on messes.

You can also insert a fragrance disc into the mop pad to leave your space smelling fresh. This mop also comes with washable pads that you can always throw into the washing machine for cleaning.


  • It restores your grout and floor to a new condition.
  • It cleans hard to reach areas very well.
  • Easy to use.
  • It cleans efficiently without the use of chemicals.
  • Cleans all hard floors.


  • Not suitable for carpets.


McCulloch MC-1275 Heavy-Duty Steam Mop

McCulloch MC1275 Heavy-Duty Cleaner

The McCulloch heavy-duty steam mop will clean your tile floors and grout effectively.

This steam mop cleans hard to reach areas easily, and this makes it one of the best steam mops for cleaning grout.

It naturally deep cleans your grout without the use of harsh chemicals. It utilizes hot steam to get rid of grease, mold, stains, and grime on several types of floors, including granite, laminate, sealed hard flooring, and of course, grout.

It comes with a 9-foot steam hose that can enter hard to reach areas to clean dirt.

This McCulloch steam mop comes with a 48-ounce tank that allows you to take fewer trips for filling your tank. This large capacity tank also heats up pretty quickly and provides up to 45 minutes of steam cleaning. This duration is enough for you to clean a large room without having to reheat the water.

The steam mop comes with several accessories that make cleaning easier. It comes mop pads, floor mops, brass brush, squeegee, and a scrub pad.

In case you are looking for a steam mop that gets rid of bed bugs, this mop works well for that.


  • It comes with a steam lock switch.
  • This steam mop also features 18 versatile accessories that can make your cleaning easier and more effective.
  • This steam mop also comes with a powerful jet nozzle for cleaning hard to reach areas.
  • The tank can carry a lot of water such that you don’t need to make regular trips to fill your tank.
  • It cleans grout really well.


  • It looks bulky.



Hoover FloorMate Hard Floor Cleaner

Hoover FloorMate Hard Floor Cleaner

This floor cleaner has an ergonomic design that makes it capable of cleaning hard to reach areas, including the grout. Its spin scrub brushes are also excellent for cleaning all types of hard floors.

This cleaner has two tanks and it allows you to separate the clean water from the dirty water. After using your unit, you will need to clean it. Cleaning this Hoover cleaner is a breeze. It is easy to remove all the nozzles, tanks, and brush and then rinse them.

Your floors dry really fast since the HooverMate cleans and suctions water in a single motion. It is also easy to apply extra detergent to high traffic areas.

This unit also gets rid of odor, and you do not need to use harsh chemicals to clean tough stains. Your carpet will be as good as new thanks to the high steam power of this cleaner.


  • It cleans hard floor surfaces and grout very well.
  • It also comes with two tanks that separate clean and dirty water.
  • The brush scrubs dirt without scratching your floor surfaces.
  • This unit is also easy to use.
  • Dries your floor surface quickly.


  • It is quite heavy.


PurSteam System ThermaPro Steam Mop

This steam mop cleans all hard floors and grout effectively with its amazing grout tool attachment.

This versatile unit also cleans carpets and stainless steel. It comes with a handheld unit that you can detach and carry it to clean any area that you don’t want to bring the entire unit to.

You can use the detachable, handheld unit to clean garments, glass, and mirrors. This steam mop and its handheld device get rid of 99 percent of the dirt, bacteria, and stain without the use of harsh chemicals.

Kids and pets can play on the floor after cleaning since there are no harsh chemicals. The unit comes with washable pads that you can wash in your washing machine. You don’t need to be replacing your mop pads after brief usage.

This mop is also light in weight and easy to maneuver. It features three control buttons that allow you to choose the right steam level for your cleaning needs. Using a suitable steam level is essential because some steam levels can destroy certain floors.

This steam mop is ready for your cleaning tasks in just 30 seconds.


  • This steam mop is very versatile.
  • It is pet and child safe.
  • It cleans grout and all hard floors with ease.
  • The machine is also well made and sturdy.
  • Setting up this unit is also easy.


  • It consumes more power


Bissell Spinwave Powered Steam Mop

The Bissell Spinwave Powered Steam Mop features a spin scrubber attachment that makes it one of the most popular steam mops on the market.

This scrubber cleans grout and all types of sealed floors. It comes with a large tank that provides about 45 minutes of uninterrupted cleaning. That means that you will not be making regular trips to empty and refill your tank.

The unit is small and easy to maneuver. The mop also features two spin brushes at the bottom, and this reduces the amount of time you will spend scrubbing your floors and grout. Its ergonomic design also allows you to clean hard to reach parts of your home.

This machine has a heavy base so you won’t use a lot of strength in scrubbing your floors. The brushes at the base, coupled with the weight, do all the work for you.

Another accessory that is worth noting is the cleaning solution sprayer. The sprayer targets the areas that are just ahead. This makes it easier for the person cleaning to spray precisely where they want to.

Just like most of the top rating steam mops, you won’t need harsh chemicals such as bleach for your cleaning.


  • It cleans grout and all types of hard floors with ease.
  • This steam mop is light in weight and easy to maneuver.
  • It comes with washable pads.
  • This unit features a large capacity tank.
  • It is very quiet when in use.


  • It consumes more power compared to other brands.


Light and Easy All-in-One Steam Mop

Light and Easy All-in-One Steam Mop

This steam mop works well on grout and all hard floor surfaces. It makes cleaning such places light and easy just as the name suggests. It earned this name because the machine is not heavy, and the steam mop makes cleaning easy.

This unit comes with a handheld cleaner that you can use to clean fabrics. This versatile steam mop is also excellent for cleaning home furniture.

The steam mop has a 20ft cord which allows you to clean an average room without changing power outlets. It also features three steam controls which will enable you to choose the best steam level for your tasks.

It is excellent for homes with babies and pets since it does not require the use of harsh chemicals in cleaning.


  • It cleans dirt, bacteria, and grime on grout and hard floors.
  • This unit also versatile; you can clean curtains and furniture with the handheld steamer.
  • It features three steam controls.
  • This unit does not require the use of harsh chemicals.
  • It is light in weight.


  • It is not a good steam cleaner for carpets.


Final Thoughts: Best Steam Mop with Grout Attachment 2022

Steam cleaners are excellent at removing tough stains without the use of bleach and other chemicals. But not all of them are designed to clean grout. This list, however, features only steam cleaners that clean tiles and grout efficiently.

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