Top 5 Quilts for Airbnb 2022

Best Quilt for Airbnb

As an Airbnb host, you must do your best to make your property inviting and comfortable for guests, starting with the bed that the guest would be using.

A part of that includes a quilt for the bed, which is amongst the first thing the guest sees on entering the bedroom. The right choice then is simple, aesthetically pleasing, within budget, and functionally practical – all amounting to a great night’s rest!

Picking a quilt that suits the room and gives it the aura you want is easier said than done! You could spend hours scouring the annals of quilts online and still not be able to recreate the right feel. This article aims to help Airbnb hosts make the best decision by providing acceptable parameters to ease the decision-making process!

As with any purchase, and especially one with the stated purpose of accessorizing your guest’s bedroom, here are some practical but salient points to keep in mind, namely – you will need to care for the product including washing it along with the bedsheets, pillowcases, towels, etc. Therefore, it would be best to keep the following as a general thumb rule.

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Quilt for Airbnb – Buying Guide

Colors and Design

Where possible, try and stick to solid colors, preferably white. This allows us as the hosts to be able to do our laundry en masse, without worrying about color mixing.

With quilts, some can be washed in personal washing machines, although we would have to take them to a commercial establishment if the quilt was large. However, this isn’t always practical; I have therefore opted to cover quilts with varied designs and colors.



The quilt also has aesthetic purposes in addition to being functional and keeping the size of your mattress in mind would help before making a purchase. Buying a larger size might be suitable in some cases (i.e. King size quilt for a mattress that is Queen – sized).


Quality and Functionality

As always, I try to keep a balance between the quality and cost of the quilt. I would ask readers to consider purchasing two and therefore, having one in spare if the other is being laundered.


Suitability to Airbnb

Besides, we have tried to take into consideration that the quilts in questions are of the “all-season” variety and multipurpose, so to speak.

They are all chosen for their suitability for guest rooms or rooms for Airbnb concerning high quality, thickness, weight, dimensions so that a variety of guests (of different sizes, sleeper types, etc.) find themselves in a warm and comfortable setting during their stay.


Top 5 Quilts for Airbnb

These are the best-rated quilts available on Amazon and I have linked the product pages which would give you a clearer picture of what you can expect.

Now to the crux of the matter!

Keep in mind that we have kept one “constant” to make it easier to compare between the different models, namely – size – all products below are queen size for the sake of this article although they are available on Amazon in different sizes.


Laura Ashley Ruffled Garden Cotton Quilt

Laura Ashley Ruffled Garden Cotton Quilt

This quilt is very highly rated on Amazon with rave reviews and a common point being its aesthetic virtue. Put simply, this quilt looks great on the guest bed!

It features bands of appliqued ruffles that form a trellis pattern layered on an ivory ground. Further, it also features a diamond quilt stitch while matching standard shams are sold separately.

This model has provides the guest room with a warm and inviting feel and looks great on the bed while its off-white/cream color ensures that laundering it shouldn’t be too much of an issue.

The Laura Ashley Quilt is machine washable but keep in mind that there are no guarantees and it is possible to see some damage to the product after multiple washes. While not being the most expensive quilt on Amazon, it allows for a good balance between aesthetics, quality, and budget!


Calla Angel Sage Garden Luxury Pure Cotton Quilt

Calla Angel Sage Garden Luxury Pure Cotton Quilt

As the name suggests, this is a luxurious 100% cotton quilt with dimensions of 88″ x 92″ (remember, for the queen-sized) and the matching pillow shams are sold separately

Available in four colors – Gold, Ivory, Light Aqua and White, Calla Angel has produced a high-quality luxurious quilt that is assured to give your guests a warm night’s sleep while enhancing the style of your guest room.

It is machine washable and therefore convenient for hosts to launder while the solid color is also a plus!

Soft to touch, this quilt by Calla Angel has complex computerized machine quilted patterns and although pricier than the Laura Ashley, it has great ratings on Amazon.

The beautiful flora patterns give the guest room an elegant and modern look while also being suitable for all seasons.


Piper Classics Market Place Gray Ticking Stripe Quilt

Piper Classics Market Place Gray Ticking Stripe Quilt

This “classic” from Piper Classics is an original design with Charcoal Gray stripes that gives your Airbnb guest room, a soothing and rustic look. You can view pictures and further details on Amazon.

It is machine washable with cold water and similar colors and without bleach.

Amazon gives options to mix-and-match with other accessories if required but this is based on availability.

With 100% cotton, hand-quilted, machine stitched, assorted fabrics – Piper Classics has created a classic with this striped pattern with a solid cream fabric on the back.

With dimensions of 90″ x 90″, this particular quilt might be best suited for certain styles of rooms, such as cabins or lake houses and should be picked with some forethought with respect to design. That said, it is considered “all-season” with its medium weight.


Levtex Santa Fe

Levtex Santa Fe Quilt

I know we said, we would try to stick to solid patterns and colors but we simply couldn’t resist the luxurious Santa Fe from manufacturer Levtex which is still surprisingly affordable while having received great reviews on Amazon.

Made from cotton, this quilt is pre-washed and luxuriously oversized for the queen-sized variant which measures at 88″ x 92″ is slightly on the heavier side.

But we simply couldn’t look past the unique and beautiful design which has a combination of grey and gold as colors. So this might not be for everybody as tastes differ from person to person.

We would recommend getting the King-sized variant for a queen-sized bed for maximum aesthetic value.


Traditions by Waverly Maldives Quilt Collection

Traditions by Waverly Maldives Quilt Collection

Last but not least, we decided to opt for this quilt by manufacturer Ellery Homestyles because of its high ratings on Amazon as an affordable quilt for your guest room while adding some color as well.

With 90″ x 90″ dimensions, this 100% polyester quilt comes as a set with coordinating pillow shams and is machine washable, durable, and an affordable option for those of us who prefer to save on our budget.

It is lightweight, yet warm and although it’s floral patterns and color is another that doesn’t fit our thumb rule; it is value for money and that balances the overall quality vs budget issue.


Related Questions

Some queries are quite repetitive and we thought we would do you a favor and clear those up right away:

Return Policy and Warranty

This would differ from one product to another and will differ based on whether the quilt has been bought from the manufacturer or Amazon.

Either way, we strongly recommend that you keep track of whether there is a warranty or not and specifics on the return policy.


Although we covered this earlier to a certain degree, it might be good practice to consider buying a size larger than the mattress for which the quilt would be used.

This gives the aesthetic sense of covering areas of the mattress awhile also being comfortable for larger guests who wouldn’t want to struggle through the night because of a smaller quilt.

Purchase package details

We have to be sure to take note of specific details of the purchased package.

  • Does it come with pillow shams or do we purchase them separately?
  • Does the manufacturer provide matching pillow shams?


Conclusion: Quilts for Airbnb

While there is a huge variety of quilts available in the market in price ranges varying from the lowest to extravagant, the difficulty usually lies in deciding the kind of prints and designs that will go well with the rest of the décor in the Airbnb.

A nice way to go about deciding this may be to keep hotels as a benchmark. As the industry experts, hotels have set the benchmark with regards to purchasing for rooms, and imitating hotel techniques and mirroring their ways wouldn’t be a bad idea.

As with many products, a quilt has both functional and aesthetic value, and purchasing one sometimes comes down to personal preferences concerning taste and to match with the interior design of the room in question.

We have tried to cover a varied list from high quality, generic designs to more affordable options, all of which are machine washable and designed to make your Airbnb room look inviting, warm and comfortable to all guests!

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