Top 5 Outdoor Cameras for Airbnb 2022

Best Outdoor Camera for Airbnb

As an Airbnb host, it’s imperative to provide an adequate level of security for both your property as well as your guests. It’s always a good idea to monitor the exterior of your rental space and keep an eye on who is coming inside and what’s going on.

With the rise in Airbnb hosting, hosts are increasingly interested in equipping their spaces with the latest devices and features. As much as that is important for making your spaces more attractive and guest-friendly, it’s equally necessary to protect your investment. This is why having security cameras installed at your property is a must.

It’s also crucial from a legal point of view because having video evidence from a security system can help with any possible legal claims, as well as dealing with the authorities.

And if we look at this from your guests’ perspective, security is one of the critical factors in choosing the right Airbnb spot along with comfort and amenities.

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What Does Airbnb Say About the Use of Security Cameras?

According to Airbnb rules, no matter which camera you decide to install inside or around your listing for surveillance, you have to disclose it in your house rules section.

This also includes any cameras that may not be turned on or hooked up. A failure to disclose that you have cameras placed in the house or outside it gives your guests the right to cancel a reservation and receive a refund.

Moreover, if you’re using indoor cameras, they cannot be installed in personal spaces such as bathrooms, toilets, and bedrooms. In case you use your lounge as bed space, you cannot install a camera over there as well.


Why You Should Install an Outdoor Camera at Your Airbnb

Having an outdoor camera installed at your Airbnb rental offers several benefits.

  • It will be beneficial for both the hosts and the guests to have video surveillance in case any intruders break into the property.
  • It keeps guests from bringing in more people than what they booked for.
  • Your guests would also not host parties at your place or indulge in any kind of potentially harmful activities in the house.
  • Security recordings will come in very handy in case something goes wrong.
  • Smart outdoor cameras can be paired with other devices such as smart home locks or lights to turn them on/off as and when needed.


The 5 Best Outdoor Cameras for Airbnb

Here are our top 5 picks for the best outdoor camera for Airbnb.

Arlo Pro – Wireless Home Security Camera System

Arlo Pro - Wireless Home Security Camera System

If you’re looking for the best outdoor camera for Airbnb, no other model fulfills the need, as well as the Arlo Pro security system. This is a wifi-enabled smart camera security system that is battery powered or wore powered or both. It records high-quality video to a USB drive.

You can easily configure it to detect motion in specific zones to alert you when someone is at your listing. It allows you to view live video on your smartphone wherever you are. You can even speak to your guests through the 2-way audio and the camera’s internal speakers using your smartphone.

It also has night vision abilities, and you will be able to see the movement within the range of 25 feet from the camera. The resolution is 720p even in night mode, which is something many other systems lack.


  • Wireless design for easy placement anywhere
  • Night vision enabled
  • Motion sensing alerts via email or notification
  • Weatherproof. Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.
  • Easy integration with the Smart Things Hub
  • 130 degrees field of view and 1280 x 720p resolution
  • Built-in mic and speaker


  • Some people may find it pricey


Wyze Cam Pan WYZECP1

Wyze Cam Pan WYZECP1

This camera offers a great deal and is much less priced than many other cameras on the market. You will be surprised to see a low-cost security camera boasting some of the best features.

The pan, tilt, and zoom feature is undoubtedly the highlight of the camera. Not many cameras have this feature. It makes this camera more effective by increasing the field of view to almost 360 degrees. It covers a rotation of 360-degree in just 3 seconds.

The camera is compatible with both Alexa and Google Assistant. It delivers live video stream that can be viewed at any time on the Wyze app. Furthermore, it has a built-in 2-way speaker and an AI sound, motion, and person detector.

It captures video in 1080p Full HD and has six infrared LEDs for enabling night vision. While the day images are crisp, with night vision, you see clearly up to 20 feet. Thus, if the required area for surveillance is larger than 20 feet, you will need another camera.

One more thing that makes this camera effective is that it allows you to set 4 custom waypoints where you want the cameras to point while it’s panning. This means you can monitor specific entry points.


  • It automatically pans 360 degrees
  • 1080p video quality
  • Allows you to add three custom waypoints for enhanced surveillance
  • Alexa and Google Assistant compatible along with 2-way communication system
  • Motion sensor and night vision enabled


  • Night vision is not clear for larger distances
  • The motion sensor sends too many notifications


Nest Cam Outdoor Security Camera

Nest Cam Outdoor Security Camera

Nest is a popular manufacturer of home security devices. This outdoor security camera by Nest is a solid choice for those who are looking for a compact, weatherproof camera to monitor the comings and goings at their Airbnb property.

It offers a crisp 1080p picture quality and a wide viewing angle. The all-glass lens features a 130-degree field of view and 8x magnification to catch details. It is also incredibly easy to install and setup right out of the box.

The camera connects to the Nest smartphone app, and it alerts you right away if there is any suspicious movement. You will have to pay a monthly subscription fee for the app.


  • Excellent picture quality and field of view
  • Detects motion and suspicious sounds 24/7 and allows live streaming through the Nest app
  • 2-way audio communication
  • Weatherproof design
  • Easy to set up and comes with the required mounting hardware


  • The monthly app subscription is more expensive compared to other systems


Reolink Argus 2 Wi-Fi Security Outdoor Camera

Reolink Argus 2 Wi-Fi Security Outdoor Camera

Reolink Argus 2 comes with all the necessary features required for outdoor security cameras.

It is weatherproof and has a 2-way communication system so you can talk to your Airbnb guests when they arrive at the main door. It’s battery-operated, and you can also install a solar panel so that the batteries get charged automatically.

While testing this camera, we noticed that the viewing angle is not as wide as the other security cameras we have come across. However, it’s perfect for covering gates or doors. We won’t recommend using it to cover the entire porch or backyard.

Night vision is also available with this camera. The video quality of the night vision is great, and you can view objects at a distance of as much as 32 feet.

Perhaps the best feature of this security camera is the PIR motion sensor that can differentiate between the movements of an object and human beings. This is important because you do not want a false alarm every time the camera detects motion. The Reolink app can notify you via email or app notifications.


  • 1080p resolution delivering super sharp images
  • Night vision is splendid
  • Has a separate slot for SD card that can store up to 64 GB of data
  • Weatherproof


  • Field of view is narrower than other security cameras


Ring Spotlight HD Security Camera

Ring Spotlight HD Security Camera

If you’re not looking for an outdoor elaborate camera system that uses a base station, Ring Spotlight provides you a standalone option. The feed of the camera is directly transmitted to your phone and it can connect to several smart devices.

You have the option to choose between wired and wireless versions. We recommend going for the wireless version that uses a rechargeable battery. It can also be powered through a solar panel.

The installation of the cameras is quite simple. It uses a wall mount.

It has motion sensors that can be controlled through the mobile app. With a 2-way talk, you can talk to the guests that are standing in front of the camera. Both picture and audio quality are up to the mark.

It also has night vision capabilities.



  • Live video streaming at 1080p resolution
  • Customizable motion sensors
  • The siren can be activated remotely through your phone
  • Night vision enabled


  • Can only save seven days of footage on the cloud for free


Final Thoughts: Best Outdoor Camera for Airbnb 2022

There you have it! These were our recommendations for the best outdoor camera for Airbnb. You can pick from any of these to enable day and night surveillance around your property and keep it secured.

Our vote goes to the Arlo Pro Camera Security System as it has unbeatable features that are perfect for monitoring Airbnb spaces. However, if you have budget constraints, Wyze Cam Pan is the one for you.

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