Top 5 Lightweight Carpet Cleaners 2022

Best Lightweight Carpet Cleaners

Cleaning at home can be quite exhausting. The last thing anyone needs is having to bear the unnecessary, additional weight. That is what those who use carpet cleaners do that too heavy deal with. Some of the energy that would’ve otherwise been used for other purposes such as cleaning other parts of the house or for having more fun is wasted in dragging unnecessarily heavy equipment.

This is something I’ve seen a lot of people struggle with. The answer seems quite straightforward. However, as they say, common sense is not so common. There are a lot of variables that stop people from taking advantage of the seemingly obvious.

To be a bit of help, we thought we would put together a list of the best lightweight carpet cleaners that would do just as good a job if not better than those heavyweights that you have to lug around the home.

As mentioned, performance is not been neglected for the sake of a lighter weight. This balance can be quite difficult. We think we’ve just managed it.

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Lightweight Carpet Cleaner Buying Guide

What would you say are some of the key things that your carpet cleaner cannot be without?

By this, we are considering those things that you would consider for your cleaner to be inadequate if it was to come without to get started, I will name one or two of my own.

It is quite important that your carpet cleaner has interchangeable accessories for the hose. Without these, a lot of functionality is lost.

The second thing that I would consider to be quite important for a cover cleaner is the ease of use. No matter how good a carpet cleaner is if it becomes too complicated it can become a burden.

Why would someone want to pay for something that is supposed to help him only for it to become burdensome?

Some of the less thought of aspects of your carpet cleaner would be its aesthetics. What most of us may forget is that this is something that you will spend some time looking at.

Depending on the size of your home. You may find yourself having to stare at this unpleasant looking device for an untold amount of time. Where possible it may be worth picking something that you actually like the look off.

That isn’t to say that looks should be put above the core function of the carpet cleaner. A good-looking carpet cleaner that does not clean well is worthless.

Top 5 Lightweight Carpet Cleaners

Hoover PowerDash Pet Compact Carpet Cleaner, Lightweight

Weight: <13 lbs

Hoover PowerDash Pet Compact Carpet Cleaner, Lightweight

Do not be fooled by its size, this is a carpet cleaner that is marketed as having two times more cleaning power than their competitors. By purchasing this you give yourself an incredibly powerful carpet cleaner that is compact and easy to use.

It features the power spin paintbrush role which is known to pick up antimicrobial as well as other particles that make it stuck to your carpet.

The manufacturers emphasize that this cleaner was developed for those areas in the home that experienced a lot of movement. Include key areas such as the hallway or close to yourself is where people move from one end to another.

Perhaps our favorite feature on this carpet cleaner is the heat force. This allows you to dry up your carpet in very little time after you have used the water to clean it.

It deals with one of the most common problems is that most of us face when using a bit of water to clean our carpet. As the name would have already given this carpet cleaner is perfect for cleaning up after your pet.

It has a dual tank system that has a removable nozzle. This makes it easy to empty and refill.


Bissell SpotBot Pet Handsfree Carpet Cleaner

Weight: 14 lb

Bissell SpotBot Pet Handsfree Carpet Cleaner - lightweight

If the idea you clean up after your pets’ interests you, here is another pick.

Bissell SpotBot Pet Handsfree Carpet Cleaner is perfect for dealing with spots and stains that have formed a new carpet. This is a deep cleaner which means it goes beyond the surface. It deals with particles and dust that is wedged onto your carpet and would’ve been quite difficult to get rid of otherwise.

The tank provides you with a generous amount of room. There is a capacity for 30.0 ounces of water. When it is filled with dirt it can carry up to 29.2 ounces.

One of our favorite features about this one is the fact that you can empty it without having to come into direct contact with the debts that it is collected. This is a hands-free portable carpet cleaner that handles all the heavy lifting for you.

They are several presets for cleaning cycles that make it easy for you to know how to control it. There is an automatic that is attached to the brush. This makes the suction even more powerful.

Each purchase also comes with the pet stain and order formula. Although this comes in a sample size. It gives you just enough to try out this product before you decide whether to buy it or not.


MOOSOO Cordless Vacuum Carpet Cleaner

Weight: 3.3 lbs

MOOSOO Cordless Vacuum Carpet Cleaner

Anything that comes with multi-functionality is exciting to us.  This is one of the things that cause attention to this four in one handheld vacuum cleaner.

The term handheld guarantees that this vacuum cleaner is suitable for our needs for a lightweight carpet cleaner.

Incredible feature is the fact that this is our rechargeable one. That means you can use it without the bother of a cable.

The battery lasts up to half an hour or even slightly longer when it is fully charged. It produces a power of 120 W, which is quite powerful suction. It is adequate for dealing with getting rid of debris and dust, crumbs as well as pet hair.

It introduces you to the HEPA cyclone system which is in a purification system that is incredible and cleaning. This is a system that you can wash and recycle when you’re done using it.

There are two preset modes that you can engage in when using this vacuum cleaner. Both of these make it very easy to use without the need to know much about vacuum cleaning really.


Orfeld Cordless Carpet Cleaner

Weight: 4.7 lb

Orfeld Cordless Carpet Cleaner

One of the lovely looking carpet cleaners is this one. You probably noticed straight away that it also goes cordless.

It’s only 4.7 lb in weight this is an incredibly versatile little cleaner. Do not let the size of it saw any seeds of doubt. This is a cleaner that is perfectly capable of delivering you with a great cleaning job of debris and other particles that may become lodged in your carpet.

It is certainly not one that is geared for the deeper cleans that you can get from the professional machines. This is for those that need a machine that is capable of day-to-day home maintenance.

There are two suction modes that you can make use of.

The first one being the standard mode which is ideal for dealing with hardwood floors, dust, hair, breadcrumbs and so on.

The turbo mode is designed to get rid of dirt with minimal effort. It is perfect for floor surfaces that require more suction power.

The battery in this device is rechargeable and delivers a reasonable amount of time in use once you have charged it to its fullest.

The filtration system is said to capture up to 99.97% of all particles that come through it. That goes into it is filtered and not left back into the air for you to breathe it. The filters in this machine are all washable.


Cordless Vacuum, Hikeren Carpet Cleaner

Weight: 5.1 pounds

Cordless Vacuum, Hikeren Carpet Cleaner


If you fancy going cordless, here is another exciting carpet cleaner for you.

It comes with a reasonably powerful 120 W high-performance motor. It features that advanced cyclonic technology which is good for purifying particles are they going to the vacuum cleaner.

This is a carpet cleaner that delivers the versatility that you deserve. It has a double filtration system that is ideal for use on both hard floors as well as on carpet.

The fact that it is waterproof also makes it a little bit more durable. It also means that you can use it for both wet and dry surfaces.

On a full charge, this carpet cleaner can last up to 40 minutes on low power or 30 minutes if you decide to go with high power. The more that you go with will depend on what you’re dealing with.

The handle is foldable for storage or if you prefer to use it in its shortened form.

There are some LED lights that may not necessarily deliver a lot of functionality but make for great visuals.



Related Questions

Does vanish clean carpets?

Provided you’re referring to vanish as in the detergent, we can confirm that it is perfectly capable of cleaning carpets. It is known to also provide a softer in touch to the carpets that it is cleaning. Beyond this, it also leaves it with a lovely fragrance.


How often should you clean your carpet?

There is no easy way to say how often one should clean the carpet. This will come down to how much traffic is going through that capital a day-to-day basis.

For instance, you cannot clean the carpet that is played on by pets and children less frequently than one that is in an empty room. A reasonable amount of time to clean up the carpet is at least weekly for those that see high traffic and every other week for those that do not have much traffic.

You also want to ensure that you clean up anything that could stay on it immediately. Leaving these things on the carpet could lead to the stain not coming off.


Is steam cleaning bad for carpets?

Steaming the carpet is usually done as an alternative to using harsh chemicals or detergents for the same purpose. There is nothing that is expressly wrong with cleaning your carpet with steam. That is provided you allow it time to dry up. When it doesn’t dry issues such as mold and bacteria may become a problem.


Conclusion: Best Lightweight Carpet Cleaners

Now that we’ve covered all of the lightweight carpet cleaners, it presents you with an interesting choice.

Out of the five that we have picked, there is a bit more ease of choice in comparison to going out onto the open market to sift through the hundreds of choices that are available to you.

Part of our process for choosing them includes ensuring that the ones that we pick are reasonably priced.

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