Top 5 Hot Tubs for Airbnb 2022: Relax Comfortably

Best Hot Tub for Airbnb

Hot Tubs are a tricky purchase at the best of times. This can get even more complicated when you, as a host are considering one for your Airbnb listed property.

There are a lot of factors to consider before purchasing a hot tub, not limited to the budget you have for such an investment. Even before getting to the finances, you need to decide whether a hot tub is required at all for your specific listing.

Does your listing include a swimming pool? If so, you would find it a bit more convenient with regards to cleaning services for the hot tub. If not, then additional research is needed to find a private cleaning service that offers prompt and excellent service at an affordable rate.

Is the property listed in a place like California? Are there issues with access to water for what is essentially a luxury feature since not many Airbnb listings (that don’t fall under the luxury category) decide to have a hot tub? The corollary is, if the property is listed in a geographic region known for water-based tourism, then a hot tub might not be a bad idea.

You will also have to take into account how many people can use the property host at a time? If the listed property can handle up to four people, it would be wise to focus on relatively smaller hot tubs on the market.

In addition to cleaning services, hot tubs tend to run up high utility bills such as replacing the water and the electricity required to run the jets. What about the installation? Does the property have a plug point to connect the hot tub?

We don’t want to discourage you from buying a hot tub, and so will get to some of the advantages of having one at your Airbnb. However, there is a crucial point to keep in mind concerning safety and liability.

Airbnb guests, who rent a property as a family, will appreciate having a hot tub that can accommodate all of them. However, with children, it is essential to put up warning signs, “How-to-use” rules and especially a child-lock of sorts.

Most hot tubs have the option of covering it after use, and hosts should ensure that there is some form of a lock system so that children do not accidentally endanger themselves. Parents must be clearly instructed not to allow children in or near the hot tub without adult guidance.

After all the above points are considered, if you decide to buy a hot tub for your Airbnb property, then read on. This article will help ease your decision-making process and set you in the right direction towards buying the perfect hot tub.

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Top 5 Hot Tubs for Airbnb

Essential Hot Tubs 14-Jet Newport Hot Tub

Essential Hot Tubs 14-Jet Newport Hot Tub

This hot tub from the manufacturer, Essential Hot Tubs, is an affordable option for Airbnb listed properties that can host up to 4 people, as the product is made to accommodate 2-4 people at most.

As this provides extraordinary value for money, this hot tub is being used in multiple Airbnb properties with positive reviews. The Newport hot tub is also convenient as there is the option of plugging it into a standard electrical socket.

Also, it is sold with an insulated cover, which would otherwise be an additional expense for hosts who choose to custom-make the cover.

For the sake of variety, the manufacturer also provides three color options to choose from, such as Millstone, Grey Granite, and Cobblestone.

The 14-jets with the Newport hot tub ensure maximum comfort via passive therapy or can be switched to provide an invigorating massage via the touch of a button!

There are three contour seats for additional comfort, while a fourth person can be accommodated on the lounger for a whole-body massage, which would guarantee rave reviews from guests!

It has a 200-gallon water capacity and the convenience of plug and play, where you can connect the hot tub to a 110V connection with an included GFCI cord, which is essentially any standard 15A outdoor outlet. This will make it ready for a day of relaxation and massages.

Further, the Newport hot tub is lightweight and portable, while not compromising on strength and durability, thereby controlling maintenance costs.


Essential Hot Tubs 11-Jet Integrity Hot Tub

Another great option from Essential Hot Tubs, the 11-Jet Integrity Hot Tub comes in 3 color variants, which are Grey, Cobblestone, and Millstone.

Don’t be disheartened by the fewer jets than the Newport hot tub, because this variant can accommodate 4 to 5 people and would, therefore, be more suitable for Airbnb properties that can also host as many!

Unlike the other variant, this hot tub has bench style seating for 4 to 5 people ensuring plenty of space for guests who want to spend a few hours getting a massage and soaking.

This product does not require any upgraded electricals and is easy to install. It can be connected to a standard outdoor outlet.

Like the first of this list, the 11 Jet Integrity hot tub also comes with an insulated cover. Another great value-for-money purchase from Essential Hot Tubs, hosts can find this product on Amazon to check on the reviews and ratings.


Essential Hot Tubs 67-Jet Syracuse Hot Tub

If the first two tubs on this list fall under the affordable bracket, then this 67-Jet Syracuse hot tub from the manufacturer, Essential Hot Tubs, is a high-end option for hosts with luxury properties listed on Airbnb.

It can be found on Amazon, with numerous positive reviews and high rankings as well.

With 51 stainless steel two-tone adjustable jets and 16 stainless steel jets, the Syracuse hot tub is as close to a guarantee for guests looking for a few hours of comfort and massages. In turn, this translates to great reviews for hosts who are looking to maximize their revenue by listing their properties with hot tubs.

The Syracuse hot tub has ergonomic seating able to accommodate between 5 to 6 people, including 2 Captain’s Chairs and a Lounger. This allows guests to sink into the therapy seat and get an intense leg massage in the lounger or a stimulating one via the Captain’s chair while listening to the tranquil sounds of the waterfall jet.

This hot tub requires a 240V/50A electrical connection, and it is recommended that hosts get this installed by a certified electrician.

As this does not fall under the “inexpensive” category, hosts interested in purchasing this product would also do well to keep in mind that utility costs would increase when compared to the two tubs mentioned above.

However, higher costs are for a reason, as this large hot tub even comes Bluetooth ready, which allows a guest to pair their mobile phone or smart device to have the added benefit of listening to calming music while getting their massages.

Finally, for aesthetic purposes, the cool LED lighting sets the mood for guests who want to spend the day relaxing, getting massages, and listening to the music of their choice.

The no-maintenance faux wood exterior gives a sense of style to surroundings.

With portable steps for easy access to the tub, the wrap-around headrests, LED waterfall, LED perimeter lights, and multiple massage options at the touch of a button, this hot tub would be perfect for almost any Airbnb property.


The next two on the list are for Airbnb hosts who aren’t necessarily looking to spend big and don’t look at a hot tub as much more than an added benefit for their guests.

These are affordable, portable, and inflatable hot tubs that are easy to install and use.


Coleman Portable Spa Inflatable 4-Person Hot Tub

Coleman Portable Spa Inflatable 4-Person Hot Tub

This portable and inflatable hot tub by manufacturer Coleman is an excellent option for Airbnb hosts who have a limited budget but are looking to provide their guests with the luxurious benefit of a hot tub!

Guests can pamper themselves by relaxing in heated water surrounded by bubble jets that give a soothing and tranquil experience.

Coleman has installed a digitally controlled pump with a soft touch control panel for users to navigate and operate the hot tub. The tub also has two easy lift handles that are convenient in moving the tub around your property for the best view!

Maintenance of this hot tub is made easier with two easy-to-replace filter cartridges to provide clean, refreshing spa water for all your guests.

Also, the cushioned floor and convenient drain valve ensure that hosts would not have to spend too much time or money on maintenance.

The durable PVC and sturdy I-Beam used to construct this tub, ensures that guests would be able to relax against the sides of the spa comfortably.

The purchase package comes with a chemical floater to keep the spa clean and an inflatable cover, in addition to the filters as mentioned earlier. It is best used in temperatures above 40 degrees Fahrenheit, meaning warmer climates or inside the property itself.

Finally, for variety, Coleman provides this hot top in 3 color variants, which are Black, Orange, and Green and White.


Coleman SaluSpa Hawaii AirJet Hot Tub

Another portable and inflatable hot tub from Coleman, SaluSpa Hawaii AirJet Hot Tub can accommodate up to four people comfortably.

It is available on Amazon in two color variants: Blue and Gray.

Guests in an Airbnb will find this portable hot tub relaxing and easy to operate thanks to the soothing rapid heating system, integrated water filtration, cushioned floor with drain valve, all at the touch of a button!

The heating and bubbling are half the fun, and they work together to provide a comfortable massage experience for any user. This, in turn, means rave reviews for Airbnb hosts who decide to purchase this tub.

Coleman has made this durable and comfortable with three ply inflated walls, which allow guests to lean against the sides while being massaged!

Further, it has a reinforced cover with safety lock clips for maximum safety and durability.

It is best at a maximum temperature of 104 degrees Fahrenheit and has 60 jets. At the same time, the purchase package also comes with a pool liner, pool cover, spa pump, chemical floater, and filter cartridges (X2).

Finally, the manufacturer also provides a 1-year warranty for the pump and a 90-day guarantee for the pool liner. However, it is imperative to research the finer details of the warranty and return policy, as these may differ depending on the place of purchase (Amazon’s return policy would be different from the manufacturers, for example).


Conclusion: Hot Tubs for Airbnb

And that’s our list of the best hot tubs for an Airbnb property!

We strongly recommend that hosts do in-depth research before shelling out money on a hot tub because they can end up costing a pretty penny when we include maintenance and utility bills as well.

However, a hot tub is something that sticks with a guest, long after he or she has left the property.

The guests who have had a great experience are keen to spread the word with friends and social connections, in addition to the rave reviews you can get on your Airbnb listing.

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