Best Dishes for Airbnb: Plates, mugs, bowls and cups

Best Dishes for Airbnb

Airbnb guests differ when it comes to their preferences concerning the kitchen! Some guests would hire a property listed on Airbnb and cook their meals instead of eating out. However, that is not essentially why Airbnb has been doing better than the hotel industry worldwide.

Instead, guests choose Airbnb listed properties because of the kitchen, as they are eager to invite guests and cook for them! The option of being on vacation while still having a fully stocked kitchen to cook for themselves and any guests tends to be reflected in the reviews of listed properties on Airbnb.

The availability of various dishes in your Airbnb can also be extremely varied and would depend on how you plan to set up the kitchen. The kitchen may be a fully stocked one and described as such on the listing on Airbnb, or you may decide to stick to a basic kitchen with the essentials.

As expected, this also means you can either spend thousands on setting up your kitchen or keep the expenditure to a minimum. This would have to be decided by you with the type of kitchen you have in mind.

An Airbnb kitchen could be a rudimentary, vertical kitchen with mini-fridge, microwave, and coffee machines along with dishes and cutlery for the guests and allows them to use it for basic needs such as their morning coffee and breakfast, before deciding to step out for their larger meals.

The other extreme is a kitchen with the works! That is, a kitchen with granite counters, restaurant-grade cooking tools, copper-plated pans, and ample cutlery and dish sets that allow guests to host a grand and luxurious dinner for their friends, all while being on vacation!

Although this article is aimed at the best dishes (plates, bowls, etc.) for an Airbnb and we will be talking more on the same later, we would like to list out some other essentials that all Airbnb kitchens would require as this would help reviews that hosts would get.

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Not to mention, guests might not necessarily notice when a host spends to stock up the kitchen, but they almost always notice when the guest is missing an essential that they need.

For example, your guest is making tea and realizes that there is no kettle or that they plan to have a cozy family dinner while renting your Airbnb property only to find out that there aren’t enough plates!

With dishes, including bowls, plates, mugs – it is always better to have more than less. So we recommend that the hosts’ budget notwithstanding while purchasing dishes or dinnerware, it would be best to buy in sets and ensure that there are extra plates, bowls, and mugs in case a guest needs it.

A thumb-rule to keep in mind would be to have two sets of all dishes per guest that you expect at your Airbnb property.

With dishes, in particular, we suggest that you buy dinnerware sets in large enough numbers to suit the kitchen of the Airbnb in question. Further, it might be best to stick to the same colors and one that suits the overall interior design of the apartment. Where possible, try and buy reliable, darker colored dishes as they tend to hide damage and stains better.

In terms of size, it is always best to buy sets with dishes of different sizes. This enhances the functionality of the purchase by allowing guests to use bowls for soups and sauces or even as a plate itself. The same goes for cutlery, such as forks, spoons, and knives, where it is best to have extra sets and of varying sizes.

If you are budget-sensitive, numerous thrift stores sell inexpensive dishes and cutlery or websites such as Amazon have massive lists of dishes from different brands and of varying size, functionality, quality, and price!

Remember, to many people, the appeal of an Airbnb is the flexibility it offers over hotel rooms, such as the ability to cook a meal and supplying necessary kitchenware, appliances, glassware, and cutlery enables the guest to prepare an essential meal, at the very least!

Best Dishes for Airbnb

Gibson Home Soho Lounge Set

This set is available on Amazon and has numerous positive ratings to reflect the popularity of this purchase. It is available as a set with several items and colors to provide customers with options.

The four-piece set includes four tidbit bowls which are wide and deep, that may also double up for guests as plates or utensils to have soup or store sauces in.

One of the color options has a red interior and a black exterior with dark colors hiding damage and stains better than whites.

All the items are dishwasher and microwave safe, thereby enhancing their functionality for Airbnb guests. This is a quality product that would be suitable for a wide range of table settings.

This set alone would probably not be enough if the Airbnb property can host a more significant number of guests at any single time but can be purchased in combination with other essentials.


Corelle 18-Piece Dinnerware Set

Corelle 18-Piece Dinnerware Set

The Corelle 18 piece set covers guests’ needs ranging from everyday meals to special occasions and can serve six people at a time.

The set includes six dinner plates, six appetizer/snack plates, six soup/cereal bowls that come in a white and black color combination.

They are available on Amazon and have received positive ratings and reviews thanks to its functionality, in addition to the plates being chip-resistant thanks to the triple-layer durable glass, which is lightweight and easy to handle.

Also, they are microwave, dishwasher, and preheated-oven safe for greater convenience to hosts and guests!


18-piece Kitchen Dinnerware Set by AmazonBasics

18- piece Kitchen Dinnerware Set by AmazonBasics

This set from AmazonBasics comes at a relative, affordable price and is available on Amazon with solid ratings and reviews.

The purchase package serves a meal for six people or guests and includes six dinner plates, six salad plates, and six bowls.

Made of high-grade porcelain, this dinnerware set is reliable, durable, and lightweight for easy handling. Porcelain tends to look and feel better than plastic dishes and would add an element of style to any kitchen.

The set is safe to be used in the freezer and microwave, as the plates can withstand temperatures up to 572 degrees Fahrenheit. Further, it can be cleaned in one go with the help of a dishwasher, and this makes it convenient for hosts and guests!


16-piece Kitchen Dinnerware Set by AmazonBasics

Another option for hosts, from Amazon Basics, is a smaller 16-piece kitchen dinnerware set with a wider variety. Unlike above, this set serves a meal for four people and includes four dinner plates, four dessert plates, four bowls, and four tall mugs.

Like the others on this list, this set has received positive reviews on Amazon for its functionality, convenience, affordability, and durability.

What is important to note with this set and most others available on Amazon, is that they allow hosts to add additional options at extra cost.

For example, in addition to this 16 piece set, you may also buy cutlery such as spoons, forks, and knives or cooking utensils, which might be a good idea for hosts who want to save time and money.

This porcelain-made white dinnerware set can be used in a microwave and cleaned in a dishwasher without the worry of damage.


Gibson Home Zen Buffetware 12 Piece Dinnerware Set

Gibson Home Zen Buffetware 12 Piece Dinnerware Set

The Zen Buffetware collection by manufacturer, Gibson Home, is available on Amazon as a 12-piece set, which is suitable to serve a dinner for four people.

This set sticks out from the rest thanks to their unique design and large surfaces to help add a touch of style to the great food being served, making it an excellent option for Airbnb kitchens with guests who take the time to cook a full meal for their families while on vacation!

Made of classic porcelain, this set is dishwasher and microwave friendly while also being lightweight and durable for easy handling and daily use.

The same manufacturer also sells much larger dinner sets with 39 pieces, which includes various additional items. The reviews and ratings on this set can be viewed on Amazon as well.


Conclusion: Best Dishes/Dinnerware Sets for Airbnb

As with any purchases for your Airbnb, it is best to keep specific parameters in mind while deciding, such as cost, durability, functionality, and aesthetics.

With dishes, in particular, it should be noted that the kitchen and the availability of dishes and other essentials can make or break the Airbnb property in terms of reviews from guests!

So try and opt for an extra number of dishes in varying sizes for maximum functionality. Further, there will always be damage to plates, and it is just a matter of time before you will have to replace them, so it might be wise to keep this in mind while calculating budgets.

We hope that this article helps direct hosts towards the right decision or, at the very least, makes the decision-making process more comfortable!

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